Doctors Amerling, Thorp and Trozzi discuss “vaccine” shedding, a fast-approaching return to school, and strategies for our children’s survival and well-being.

Here is a one hour audio recording rich with honest expert advice for parents, grand-parents and others concerned about children’s safety and well being.

On August 7th 2023, Sunit Suchdev and The Wellness Company hosted this experts’ discussion regarding threats and solutions for children. are living in strange and dangerous times; plus a new school year is fast approaching.

Internal medicine and nephrology specialist Dr Richard Amerling; obstetrician, gynecologist, and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr James Thorp; and emergency physician, activist, and researcher Dr Mark Trozzi, discuss covid-19 injections, vaccines, medical-exemptions, spike protein shedding, the risk of genetic transfection from injected teachers and peers, and other current serious dangers that threaten our children’s well being and survival.

Sunit Suchdev, Director of Communications for The Wellness Company    

Dr James Thorpe. Obstetrician, Gynecologist, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist and Researcher  

Dr Mark Trozzi. Emergency Physician, Researcher, Activist, Steering Committee Member of The World Council For Health

Dr Richard Amerling. Internal Medicine Specialist, Nephrologist, Chief Aademic Officer of The Wellness Company

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