This week, Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed” discuss a wide range of COVID vaccine-related news.

Highlights include:

  • The White House working with social media giants to silent anti-vaxxers.
  • UK gets approval for the world’s first coronavirus challenge trial.
  • ABC News says that serious COVID-19 vaccine reactions are rare and that’s from the new CDC report.
  • World Health Organization approves AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use, but some nations are saying no thanks to this vaccine. 
  • 46 nursing home residents in Spain died within one month of getting the Pfizer COVID vaccine after the first dose.
  • In Italy dozens of teachers are sick after getting the coronavirus vaccine.
  • Bill Gates says third shot may be needed to combat this coronavirus.
  • COVID-19 shots might be tweaked if variants get worse. 
  • Long-term studies of COVID-19 vaccines are hurt by placebo recipients getting immunized.
  • Assessing the legality of mandates for vaccines authorized via an emergency use authorization.
  • Bosses begin drafting no jab no job contracts to force staff to get vaccines despite lawyers warning they will likely be challenged in court.
  • Some state lawmakers want to block vaccination requirements.
  • The first coronavirus vaccines are being administered in Australia.
  • Hawaii is creating a vaccine passport that lets you skip the 10-day quarantine — developing a vaccine passport that would give vaccinated people a digital code.
  • John Hopkins doctor thinks that COVID will be largely gone by April.
  • Leaked video from Zuckerberg warning Facebook staff to take caution in taking the COVID vaccine.
  • A third of service members have refused the coronavirus vaccines.
  • AstraZeneca vaccine faces resistance in Europe after health workers suffer side effects.
  • Many top NBA players are hesitant to promote the corona vax.
  • How to cope with vaccine jealousy while you wait your turn to be vaccinated.

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Read the full this transcript (edited for clarity and brevity):

Polly: I’m here with Mary Holland, the president of Children’s Health Defense. And this is “This Week.” I want to start with the New York Post and Reuters and maybe other media. The first headline is, “White House Working With Social Media Giants to Silent Anti-Vaxxers” The White House is asking social media companies to clamp down on chatter that deviates from officially distributed COVID-19 information as part of President Biden’s, their words, “war time effort.” They say that the social media giants need to understand the importance of misinformation and disinformation, which I think we couldn’t agree more on that statement. So basically, if you disagree or question their official information, they’re going to take you down. Is that what they’re saying, Mary? 

Mary: Well, what they’re saying, Polly, is that the government is going to work with the private sector, with social media companies, to censor people like you and me. And that is extremely dangerous. And that’s really at the heart of our lawsuit against Facebook, that they can’t collude with the government. So the White House is now confirming, and it’s not directly from the White House, although I looked at a statement from them last week, where they talk about how they want to address vaccine myths and they want to work with the private sector. So it seems like this is truthful information from the White House. And I just want to remind people, when President Biden talks about this as a war time effort, the first casualty of war is truth. And so if this is a war time effort to go after disinformation and misinformation, and remember that the military in the United Kingdom was already put to address misinformation. 

Mary: This is very dangerous because misinformation and disinformation is kind of in the eyes of the beholder. They’re not saying they’re going to take down false information. You and I are all in agreement that we can’t be peddling falsehoods, and we’re not. We’re using peer-reviewed governmental sources to address what we consider to be inadequacies of vaccine safety and inadequacy of reporting and transparency. So it’s a dangerous precedent and it seems credible and we’ll be watching this very closely, Polly. It’s very dangerous for the government to be doing its dirty work through the private sector. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says there is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So this is a threat to the First Amendment. 

Polly: And since we were taken down and Del [Bigtree] and Bobby on Instagram, We are Vaxxed on Facebook, many others contacting with maybe smaller followings saying they also have been taken down. So individuals are just speaking out.

Mary: I think it’s very clear that the government, both Congress and apparently the White House are pressuring social media to censor “anti-vax information,” because in their view, it thwarts the vaccination campaign, and it increases vaccine hesitancy.

Polly: Okay. I wanted to go to this story from the Daily Mail in the UK. The UK gets approval for the world’s first coronavirus challenge trial, to speed up test the vaccines and work out how the disease spreads. Scientists will pay you 4,500 pounds to get infected with COVID and you must be healthy before you go on this trial. I just want to try and understand this. They’re telling us that COVID is this deadly pandemic, so bad that we have to go into lockdown, wear masks, social distance. People have lost jobs. Businesses have gone down because they say it’s so dangerous. Yet, they’re going to pay people who are at poverty level in the UK, I might add, 4,500 pounds to get infected with what we’re led to believe is this very dangerous virus. We did put this out on our social media, and people were asking shouldn’t these trials have been done before? Why now? And none of that article made sense to any of our people.

Mary: Well, challenge trials have always been of questionable ethics, Polly. And it’s interesting that they say that the UK Ethics Commission has blessed these challenge trials. So they’ve been used in a very limited way in the developed world. They have been used before for malaria drugs and for flu. But, this sort of emphasis of now doing this for coronavirus is very troubling. So they say that they’re taking in healthy young people under the age of 30. But what was very interesting to me, Polly, is that they’re going to keep those young people, they’re going to infect them through the nose, and then they’re going to observe them in quarantine for two weeks. And what they’re especially going to be observing are brain effects of COVID. And I wasn’t aware that brain effects were generally speaking a big concern. And so this is very interesting of what’s going on here. 

Mary: I think I agree with the people who are writing in that there’s something here that we need to find out more about. But they’re saying that they want to do this, Polly. They’re justifying this by saying there’s this proliferation of all these variants and they’re going to need to be able to accelerate approvals. And this is going to give us more information about COVID. We’ll follow this one carefully. 

Mary: And let’s be really clear. It can be a deadly illness and some of these volunteers may die. I mean, let’s be really clear. They’re infecting healthy young people. Let’s see if we can’t find the clinical trial protocol. I would imagine that it says that it’s a low probability but that you might die, because they’re being infected with COVID. 

Polly: Okay. Let’s move on. ABC News says that serious COVID-19 vaccine reactions are rare and that’s from the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. It says a vast majority of reported reactions were mild, so things like headaches and fatigue. The new report from the CDC looks at the numbers from VAERS. I’ve made 14 million doses, 113 deaths were reported. 78 from long-term care facilities and 35 from outside facilities. The CDC says none of these deaths have been directly linked to the vaccine. So basically there’s nothing to see here. Whereas, in contrast, The Defender puts out an article saying one-third of deaths reported to CDC after COVID vaccines occurred within 48 hours of vaccines. The data from the CDC vaccine adverse event reporting system website of the 929 reported deaths, a third occurred within 48 hours. So what’s going on there? 

Mary: So I think that the ABC News piece, Polly, is essentially advertising. And we recall that the pharmaceutical industry pays for most of the advertising. So they had a sort of a spokesperson, sort of along the lines of a Paul Offit. They had Dr. William Schaffner talking about how this is a very, very safe vaccine. And that any of these reports of deaths to the VAERS, the adverse event reporting system, were unconfirmed. But what you pointed out from The Defender from Children’s Health Defense’s publication is most of these, a third of these deaths are happening within 48 hours. 

Mary: That suggests that there is a cause and effect relationship. It needs to be investigated. We don’t know for sure, but it obviously warrants investigation. One of the other things I thought was really appalling about the ABC study that was published on Feb. 19 is that was several days after the publication in VAERS of a report of 929 deaths. So that’s just bad reporting that they said there were 113 when it has a week, the number 929 was already available. So people need to be very skeptical of what they’re reading in the mainstream press. And I say that with great sadness. 

Polly: That’s true. And that’s why we’ve got many more articles coming in this week from The Defender. So as Mary says, it is the Children’s Health Defense free media that comes out, so just sign up to that. So I want to start with the first one from The Defender, the article about the World Health Organization approving AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use, but some nations are saying, no thanks to this vaccine. The AstraZeneca in the news a lot at the moment for any side effects or injuries coming from it.

Mary: That’s an interesting one Polly. So, many countries are saying no, because they’re reading about the side effects. Also South Africa is saying no, because it appears to be only 10% effective against the variant in South Africa. This is not the same technology as the Pfizer and the Moderna that we’ve been talking about. This is the same technology that’s been used for Ebola vaccines. They’re saying that this is an easier and cheaper technology and it’s being bought and pushed out through Gavi and through a COVAX facility that the Gates Foundation is behind. I think we need to follow this one for sure. This is the vaccine that they’re really trying to push widely to poorer countries.

Polly: And for people who want to see the full article of that again, it’s on The Defender. And staying with The Defender, the headline: “46 Nursing Home Residents in Spain Die Within 1 Month of Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine” — after the first dose — they didn’t even get the second dose. And then joining in on that, 29 elderly people died in Norway shortly after getting the Pfizer vaccine. There were 13 deaths among 40 residents following the vaccine in Germany, a German nursing home. 10 deaths in a German palliative care within hours to four days. That was deemed coincidence. And then England, New York, Sweden, Gibraltar, Israel, Montreal, and Scotland, all reporting deaths in nursing homes. And again, that full article is on The Defender. But they’re rolling in, aren’t they?

Mary: They are, Polly, and we will be putting on The Defender website a conversation that Bobby Kennedy and I had with a group called the Coronavirus Investigative Committee in Germany last week. And they have sort of whistleblower testimony of what’s happening in nursing homes when they get vaccinated. And it’s bad, Polly. There’s a lot of casualties among the frail elderly people when they get this vaccine. 

Polly: And of course, many of the health authorities saying this is just a coincidence, they’re old, they’re going to die anyway. They didn’t say they’re all going to die. I’m saying that. But it seems to me, because they’re in their 80s or 90s or whatever that it’s just coincidence. 

Mary: And unfortunately, Polly, most people are not as sensitized as you and I are and the people who watch us that vaccine injury can look a million different ways. It can be a heart attack, it can be migraines, it can be paralysis, it can be an auto-immune disorder. Most people are clueless about that. They imagine that a vaccine reaction means you die the second the needle goes in. That’s not the case. But what we’re seeing in the nursing homes like you cited in that last article is within 48 hours, a third of the deaths are occurring. That’s very troubling in VAERS. That does suggest a cause and effect relationship that must be investigated. But it’s not being investigated right now. 

Polly: And for those that say, well, all my friends are fine. They’ve had the vaccine. Again, we do not know the long-term effects.

Mary: No. We don’t. 

Polly: Breitbart — this article is today. Italy — dozens of teachers are sick after getting the coronavirus vaccine. Rome, they didn’t want the AstraZeneca vaccine in this case. Fifteen teachers out of 130 were absent, complaining of fever and pain in bones. And other schools also initially reporting teachers being absent due to sickness following the vaccine or injury following the vaccine.

Mary: And we’re seeing that among healthcare workers too, Polly. And we talked about a story like that in a New York state school last week. We’re seeing that where there’s this sort of institutional vaccination of many members of a staff, they have to stagger the staff because the side effects are so severe that people can’t work after they get these vaccinations. 

Polly: And staying with The Defender again. Bill Gates says, okay, let’s just do this. “Bill Gates Says, Third Shot May Be Needed to Combat This Coronavirus.” We may need a currently available vaccine or modified vaccine as the virus mutates, says Bill Gates. I just need to just ask one more time, what medical scientific degree does Bill Gates have to even be commenting on this? 

Mary: Zero. This is what money can do, Polly. This is what being a billionaire and having essentially bought influence in the media and bought influence in the public health establishment around the world can do. He’s seen, I watched him on the news last night. I mean, he’s everywhere. But I loved actually what Bobby Kennedy was quoted as saying in that article. He said, “Gates continues to move the goalpost. Meanwhile, they’re talking about a third dose. They’re killing global economy, demolishing the middle-class, making the rich richer and censoring safety advocates …” like him. I mean, the paradigm that Bill Gates is putting out there to the world and that others are echoing is that there’s going to be a lifetime of booster shots. And there’s going to continue to be, from everything we can see, insufficient safety and insufficient monitoring of adverse events. 

Polly: And sadly, many, many people that I know tell me, well, Bill Gates is amazing. He’s saved third world countries. There’s this whole … 

Mary: And it looks like, Polly, he’s spent probably billions of dollars building that image. So it’s not easy to take that down. He runs this philanthropy and he goes to Africa and he talks about people’s health and he’s talking about climate change now, he’s talking about access to food. But when you sort of disregard the speech and you look at the actions, I think you get a clearer picture. And that’s what I think people need to do. 

Polly: They do.

Mary: Follow the money, follow the money, follow the patents. 

Polly: Right. So now we’re moving on to this story: “COVID-19 Shots Might Be Tweaked if Variants Get Worse. The makers of COVID-19 vaccines are figuring out how to tweak their recipes, this is their words, not mine, against the virus mutations. They say that the good news is many of the COVID-19 vaccines are made with new, flexible technology. Norman Baylor, a former Food and Drug Administration vaccine chief said, it’s always the former ones that speak out. Anyway, and I find this really interesting language, this is his quote. When do you pull the trigger? This is a moving target right now. Don’t like those words when it comes to everything. 

Mary: That’s not the only one. Another word he used Polly that I found very disturbing is they talk about changing the payload in the vaccine. Payload is a term that comes from missile technology. You change the explosive material. The terminology is very close to military terminology. 

Polly: So people, be careful. And again, research when you read articles like that. Then The New York Times says vaccines that are going to be adapted for variants will not need lengthy testing. So the FDA says, adjusting their products to address vaccine, they only need six weeks. Although testing and manufacturing might take longer, they only need six weeks to get it out. So as you said, so less testing going forward.

Mary: I mean, this is very troubling. This is published in The New York Times this morning. And this is the idea that because they say they’ve done big clinical trials with Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZeneca, those companies will be able to tweak the recipe with a couple hundred people. Polly, that just means that there’s such little information by the time these products go on the market. And especially if there is wider coercion or wider requirements and incentives for people to get these. I mean, they’re really looking at highly untested products with very little track record about what the effects are going to be. The challenge trials, and these trials, these sort of mini trials, really suggest a new era in drug testing going forward or vaccine testing.

Polly: Which moves us on nicely to the next headline, “Long-Term Studies of COVID-19 Vaccines Are Hurt By Placebo Recipients Getting Immunized.” Tens of thousands of people who volunteered to be in the studies of the Pfizer and Biotech and Moderna vaccines are still participating in the followup research. There is a problem though. Many of those in the placebo group have now taken the COVID vaccine. So how can they do long-term studies testing?

Mary: They can’t, Polly. And this is the ploy that we saw with the HPV vaccine as well. They say, oh, this product is so fantastic. We’re going to make it available to those wonderful volunteers that signed up. And most volunteers who are going to be told by the clinical trial people that these are fantastic products, most people are going to take them. They signed up probably because they wanted the vaccine. So there’s not really going to be an adequate control group to be able to look at the long-term effects. Frankly, it’s going to be the people in the public who didn’t get vaccinated who are going to be the quasi control group, but that’s not going to be scientific. So this is just one more way in which the clinical trials don’t really provide the kind of information that you’d want them to.

Polly: Next headline: “Assessing The Legality Of Mandates For Vaccines Authorized Via An Emergency Use Authorization.”

Mary: So, I really put this in the queue for this week, Polly, because for me as a lawyer, that’s a very exciting article in this very mainstream and prestigious health law journal. It basically is by this prominent physician and a law professor, and they come to the same conclusion that lawyers in our community, and I have come to, which is that based on federal law, emergency use authorization mandates by employers or institutions or states or the military are unlawful. They’re illegal. And they’re illegal because forcing somebody to be a subject in a scientific experiment is absolutely illegal. That’s where we came to after World War II with the Nuremberg code. 

Mary: And so their analysis is slightly different than the one that Greg Glaser and I published in The Defender about, can the federal government force you to take an EUA vaccine? But their analysis is excellent. And I think very strong confirmation that good lawyers will see this as unlawful. And this is being litigated. I know that Informed Consent Action Network and Aaron Siri’s firm are working on EUA mandates right now as are some other lawyers. And I think that we will prevail in those cases. And that’s very important. You can’t be forced to take an experimental product when nobody knows what the side effects are going to be. 

Polly: And then that moves to some … Well, there wasn’t any move to sticking with that. The Daily Mail headline was bosses begin drafting no jab no job contracts to force staff to get vaccines despite lawyers warning they will likely be challenged in court. The vaccine minister, yes, we do have a vaccine minister in Britain says, however, it’s up to businesses. So they’re not … I mean there is also the media really going to town on this. 

Mary: Well, it’s so interesting, Polly, because I really do think what governments around the world are doing is they’re letting the private sector do the dirty work. The government doesn’t want the push back. They don’t want to have to assume the obligation of enforcement. And so, they are casting off that job to increase vaccine uptake to the private sector. But you also sent us a terrific video link to ITV News that was on Facebook. And there’s an excellent interview with a UK attorney. And she explains that a mandate for the jab on the job in the UK, no jab, no job, is going to be contested. There is going to be case law, and she thinks it would be unlawful because Parliament hasn’t issued a law on this. 

Mary: And so, when you look at the public health laws on the books and you look at the anti-discrimination laws on the books, in her view, it’s going to be unlawful. So I thought that was a very interesting perspective, but the new phrase, no jab no job, and in the US context, we read another article where Dorit Reiss, a prominent pro-vaccine lawyer commentator saying that it’s unclear. It’s unclear whether these mandates now before these vaccines are licensed will be upheld. But for sure, this is already in the courts, Polly, and we will have answers to this in the UK and the US and in Europe.

Polly: And then the NBC News — just mentioning their headline again — the headline was: “Vaccination Mandates? Some State Lawmakers Want to Block Vaccination Requirements.” Early in February, three bills were defeated in North Dakota. Bills aimed to block businesses from requiring their employees to … or customers to get coronavirus vaccinations. North Dakota is not the first state to take up the issue of requiring vaccination. Others around the country are looking at whether new legislation can or should mandate COVID-19 vaccine. So, the world’s really … this could be really interesting to watch. Just could be how … 

Mary: I think it’s very interesting watching a similar process we were seeing right now in Australia, which I know we want to talk about is that the federal government is saying, “Oh, no, no, we’re not going to mandate this. We’re going to leave it to the states. We’re going to leave it to the lower administrative bodies.” And I think what we may see in the United States, Polly, is a handful of states like New York or California may try to mandate this to the adult population. They get a huge amount of pushback, but that may happen. But as we’ve discussed in prior weeks, the sort of the easy target around the world are children, where the infrastructure’s already in place. Even though they’re not at risk, even though they’re late subjects in the clinical trials, even though there’s really no evidence that they have to be vaccinated for adult herd immunity, they’re the easy target. 

Polly: So don’t settle people. I was speaking to some people in England, some young people who are panicking they’re going to lose their job and thinking they may just have to get the vaccine because they don’t want to lose their job. And I told them — sit back and wait. People are going to fight this for you. 

Mary: Absolutely, 100%. Polly, and we got more stories that sort of reinforce that. That some very credible mainstream spokespeople are saying this may be over by April. 

Polly: But the Australia news, that’s good that we’re going on to that. So, the first coronavirus vaccines are being administered in Australia. They did it a little differently. The prime minister, Scott Morrison says it’s a game changer and was allegedly one of the first in the country to get his jab. I say, allegedly, because I know everybody’s going to be saying he didn’t get a real one, but he’s in the press saying that he’s getting a jab. And he’s announcing it’s a historic day for Australia and our peeps in Australia. Brilliant. We have some brilliant warriors.

Mary: Absolutely.

Polly: Brilliant people, parents in Australia. 

Mary: Absolutely, 100%. One of the things I found really interesting about that piece, Polly, is Morrison keeps talking about confidence. I want to show confidence in this. And there’s the word a con artist or con game, right? It’s about confidence. And we have a long history of understanding that fraud is often in the sort of envelope of confidence. So, we’ll see what happens in Australia. 

Polly: And of course our Australian AVN, the Australian Vaccine Network, how they will be reporting on everything that’s going on before us along with many other hosts and people. So we love Australia. And I know that they’re going to fight this as hard as everyone else. 

Mary: Absolutely. 

Polly: Right. Forbes reported that Hawaii is creating a vaccine passport that lets you skip the 10 day quarantine — developing a vaccine passport that would give vaccinated people a digital code. Now, they didn’t say what that actually meant or how this would work. But they said they are aiming to launch this April 1. So again, it just seems to me that every single country has a different kind of passport or certificate or digital way of doing … that no one seems to be agreeing on how to do it. 

Mary: Right. It’s interesting. I like Catherine Austin Fitts talks about this in a different context, that this is sort of prototyping. And we’re seeing that with the vaccines too. It’s not one vaccine, it’s multiple vaccines. It’s not one passport, it’s multiple passports. It’s not one certificate, it’s multiple. I think the powers that be globally are kind of looking for what’s going to work and then they’ll jump on board, something that they think can be scaled.

Polly: And then also moving on to a John Hopkins doctor, he thinks this … I’ve kind of put this in the good news, because not really sure where this is going. But John Hopkins doctor thinks that COVID will be largely gone by April. Half of America has herd immunity he says. Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health said half of the U.S. has already reached herd immunity, because there are more coronavirus cases than the 28 million reported. And 15% of Americans have had the vaccine. So life should get back to normal by spring says he. 

Mary: 15% have gotten vaccinated. I find that a very encouraging story. And that’s the recognition that reported cases are always a small fraction of actual cases. So he’s saying we’re already over 50% of the US population having acquired immunity to coronavirus. And what I love about this, Polly, in particular is this guy is at Johns Hopkins University, which is sort of one of the epicenters under Mr. Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg. And it’s interesting. The CDC pushed back immediately and Dr. Fauci pushed back immediately. He’s like, “No, no, no, it won’t be April. It’ll be next fall. Oh, we’re not ready to say that there’s any kind of immunity.” But I love the fact that this doctor published this op ed last Friday in the Wall Street Journal. That’s an important place to publish something like this.

Polly: And then I’ve also put this in the good news. A leaked video from Zuckerberg warning Facebook staff to take caution in taking the COVID vaccine. I mean, I’ve watched it. He says we just don’t know the long-term side effects and that’s Mark Zuckerberg. And we agree with that Mark Zuckerberg. We agree with what you’re saying. 

Mary: Mark Zuckerberg is one of us, Polly. What can we say? It’s so fascinating because what he just said there, which was apparently at an internal meeting in July, and there’s some whistleblower who made that video available to Project Veritas. And for sure that was an elicit video, but what he said would now be against the terms of service. It would be against the community standards of Facebook. You can’t say that anymore. And in fact, Zuckerberg himself in November was in an interview with Dr. Fauci. And they came to the conclusion that these vaccines don’t change DNA or RNA. But what that video says to me, Polly, is that social media as we said in our first story from the White House, they are under tremendous pressure to censor this information.

Mary: Let’s look at it from their perspective, Polly. They probably don’t want to take down somebody like Bobby Kennedy from Instagram, who has nearly a million followers. That’s how they make their money — getting scope. And then they get advertising revenue associated with that. They don’t really want to take down this information. And I think Zuckerberg’s comment — he is invested in vaccines. His wife is a pediatrician. I think he’s very pro-vaccine in his outlook. And yet, even he in July was expressing some reservations. There’s a lot we don’t know. And from my perspective, Polly, I’ve seen some convincing science that there may be some changes in DNA from these mRNA vaccines. It’s not a closed book. We don’t know that there’s absolutely no possible effect on DNA and RNA. So, I think he was right. 

Polly: That’s why he goes into our good news section. But we’re saying in the good news section, the Washington Post and Epoch Times, a third of service members have refused the coronavirus vaccines. The defense officials say the emergency use authorizations prevent them from mandating it. And on that note, I want to say we have a lot of … the military have been contacting us saying they’re signing up to Children’s Health Defense in the hope that you will defend them. 

Mary: Oh, that’s great to hear. So we actually have a reporter who really is focusing on the issues in the military, because we do think this is extremely important. So, both those articles suggest that 33% of people in the military are refusing. And that is because there is precedent from the anthrax vaccine that a federal court found that it can’t be mandated unless the president gives a waiver and says they must get vaccinated. And I think presidents would be very reluctant to do that against the military. When these vaccines are licensed, that will be a different story. 

Mary: But it was interesting in that article, Polly, some of the high ranking people in the military and outside the military talking about how important it is, do this, take one for the team, do it for the country. But I’m very concerned. People in the military, their health is essential to them and to the country. And if there are questions about long-term safety, one would hope that people would be very, very careful, very, very careful. 

Polly: And one military member that I spoke to said … irrelevant to him right now, because he’s had all of these vaccines. Irrelevant to him right now on whether this is going to make him ill particularly. He, on religious grounds, says if it does change my DNA, if this could happen, I believe I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. And I have to stand by God over the military and what they’re going to do to me if I don’t take this vaccine. So I thought that was interesting.

Mary: It is interesting. That the problem, Polly, is that the military does not acknowledge religious exemptions. We know that they’re under attack everywhere, but the military has long only recognized medical exemptions. So, it’s going to be very tough for people in the military and they literally do not have the right to refuse. And they cannot simply say, “Oh, I think I’m going to leave the military today.” So, it’s going to be an issue in the military. And we are covering that. We are definitely interested in this issue at The Defender, at Children’s Health Defense, and we are covering this issue. And so feel free to reach out to Children’s Health Defense, if you are in the military and you have concerns. 

Polly: Thank you. Right. Reuters Paris, is it still in the good news section? AstraZeneca vaccine faces resistance in Europe after health workers suffer side effects. France has issued guidance to stagger the vaccine. Two regions in Sweden paused the vaccines and Germany reports essential workers are refusing it. We’ve slightly covered that earlier, but just to say that really they’re rising up in Europe and saying no.

Mary: Well, let me just say, and one of the other interesting points in that article, Polly, is that in France, only 3% of the population to date has gotten any COVID vaccination, and France historically on other vaccines has been much more skeptical especially on HPV vaccines. And so I am looking to France to be a part of the resistance here. 

Polly: And to remind anyone who’s in Europe watching, we do have Children’s Health Defense in Europe. 

Mary: We do. Our president is based in Belgium, Senta Depuydt and she’s fantastic. And you can sign up for Children’s Health Defense Europe on our chapters, and you can sign up for a newsletter. We have reports from Europe almost every day on the website for Children’s Health Defense Europe. 

Polly: Right. So more good news — Many top NBA players are hesitant to promote the corona vax. This is interesting. So, they have been asked to take part in public service announcements to promote acceptance of the coronavirus vaccines. And they were reluctant to take it for themselves, they say. So, they’re reluctant to promote them for other people. And good for them because I bet that that is a good incentive to do that. 

Mary: Well, it’s interesting. They talk about in that article, Polly, that they’re being asked to do this for public service announcements. It’s not for advertising for Pfizer or for Moderna. But I found that a fascinating article too, because most of these players are young and most of them or many of them anyway are African-American. And they have sort of hesitancy and they’re not, for the most part, eligible to get the vaccines yet. They’re not going to be eligible until April, early April or maybe even as late as May or June. But what was fascinating is they quote in that article from the Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dr. Leroy Sims, and Dr. Sims is telling these players in presentations to each team, but also in this article that it wasn’t rushed.

Mary: The clinical trials were just fine. There’s no impact on genes, and there will be no impact on your playing performance. And I think the sad reality is that none of those statements are absolutely known to be correct. These clinical trials were rushed. We really don’t know what the long-term impact on DNA and RNA is going to be. And nobody can promise these players that it won’t have an impact on their ability to play. So, it was interesting to see that. 

Polly: And good for them as well, again, to not take what must be a good incentive. 

Mary: I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure you’re right, Polly. I’m sure there are different kinds of incentives for them to do it and to speak out on behalf of Fauci and so on. And many of them are not doing it.

Polly: And so we’re proud of them. If you’re listening.

Mary: We’re proud of them. Absolutely. They’re standing up for their rights. 

Polly: And so for the information of the week that I can’t believe, we can’t believe that we’re reading from the Verywell Mind site. You can go there if you want, if you have this problem, you may well have this problem. I’m not sure any of our movement do, but it’s an article on how to cope with vaccine jealousy while you wait your turn to be vaccinated. And it’s pretty in depth. And it is basically if you’re feeling jealous that someone has had the coronavirus vaccine, it’s not your turn yet and you can’t cope, then hop over to the Verywell Mind site and they will talk you through.

Mary: I’ve seen other articles about vaccine jealousy. There are the kids in the trials and the ones who seem to have gotten the vaccine versus the placebo. I mean, that’s part of the marketing, Polly. This is part of the marketing. Everybody wants to go get this, be on the in-group, go get your vaccine. I just can’t wait to get my turn. That’s part of … I think this roll out is it’s not just that they can’t make it all fast enough. I think it’s also part of sort of inducing people to say, “Oh, well, my neighbor’s got it. I should get it too.” or “They’re getting a privilege I didn’t get.” 

Polly: Exactly. Right now, people are asking, so for example, last week we had to go out on Instagram because of various reasons we couldn’t go out on Facebook. So I want to say to you, first of all, please sign up to Mainly it’s free. Mainly because we will tell you where we’re going to be. And we are working on new platforms, aren’t we, Mary? 

Mary: Absolutely, Polly. We understand that the government is telling social media to censor us, and we understand that we’re not secure on any of these platforms at this point. So you and I and others at Children’s Health Defense, and on the We Are Vaxxed team. We are looking at other platforms aggressively because we want to be able to control our ability to be in contact with you. We don’t want to be stymied by any kind of governmental or private sector pressure. So we’re working on that very hard.

Polly: And if you sign up to The Defenders and people asking, for example, they haven’t seen Bobby’s Truth for a bit, did his truth show on Instagram? He’s still doing his work. He’s got a podcast. But all this information is on The Defender. So it’s free. Sign up for it and keep in touch. We also have … I do have Roku. Go to Peeps TV. It’s our channel on there. And everything that we do is on there as well, but we will be letting them know. Well, won’t be Mary?

Mary: Oh, absolutely. That’s fantastic. Yes. And just to say millions of people are now reading The Defender. And one of the really neat things about it is there’s a section for discussion under the articles. And so you’ll look at some of the articles that Polly and I are discussing today and you’ll see there’s 300 comments there. And that’s curated by our friend, John Stone. And it’s a really fantastic discussion. We want those pieces, not just to be us informing you, but we want you to be getting information back to us and telling us what you think. 

Polly: And we’ve set up a people’s truth Telegram account where all of these headlines that Mary and I, because we were taken down on We are Vaxxed, that’s an interim place. If you want to go over there and read the headlines, but this will be edited and the headlines will be on this as well. So we’re just figuring it out. We’re not going away. CHD, Children’s Health Defense fighting fearlessly for you. I love that the military people that don’t want the vaccine are just signing up to Children’s Health Defense. 

Mary: Our reporter on this is Pam Long who’s retired from the military, and we are very concerned about what’s happening in the military. We are very concerned.

Polly: Thank you. There’s a lot of parents as well out there that’d be grateful to hear that where the children have signed up to defend our country.

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