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I want to give you an exciting overview of the extremely powerful interviews and documentaires I plan on putting on a brand new homepage, that will be translated into twenty (hopefully more) languages for all of humanity to see.

Every homepage in a different language is meant to be a ONE STOP for all people in that language group, to QUICKLY AND CLEARLY SEE what is going on in the world. 

Every video will feature some of the worlds most brillant minds, with high positions of authority and levels of great expertise, so nobody can say ‘it’s just a stupid conspiracy’.

This is the list I am working on right now.
If you know any other high quality videos,
then please send them to me.

Heroes of Humanity

Reiner Fuellmich
Incredibly eye opening interview that shows the world how top trial lawyers worldwide are saying the pandemic is a crime. Reiner Fuellmich has succesfully sued several large fraudulent corporations, and is now organizing global trials against the WHO, governments and all who are complicit of this crime against humanity.

Andreas Kalcker
International top scientist who works with 5,000 medical doctors from almost 30 countries developed a 100% effective cure for covid, but … is massively censored. This world leading biophysicist explains why every cure for COVID is censored: there is a new world order, that wants to reduce humanity and replace many of us with artificial intelligence.

Dr. Carrie Madej
The most interviewed medical expert in the world, exposes in this dramaticdocumentary the hidden plan of transhumanism (changing humans into cyborgs) behind the new vaccine technologies.

Dr. Simone Gold
Internationally leading medical authority, founder of Americas Frontline Doctors, spokesperson for 600 medical doctors who communicated with President Trump. She is now working with countless scientists, laywers, and physicians to expose the crimes of the plandemic.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, who was shot for exposing the elite’s plans to enslave humanity. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been fighting corruption for decades, and reveals how criminal most governments are, who collaborate with the mafia of the pharmaceutical industry.

Rick Martin
A fearless freedom fighter who has put more corrupt judges and law enforcement officers behind prison walls than anyone else. He explains the fundamental principles of that evry human has God given rights, that need to be protected by governments. He also explains how to defend our lives from corrupt governments.

TOP documentaries

Most viewed documentary of all time, featuring leading scientists, who expose the crime of the pandemic.

Brilliant documentary showing how the pandemic is designed to steal all rights and freedoms from humanity, and establish the Great Reset, or New World Order.

World famous investigative journalist David Icke explains in an engaging animated film how it is possible to pull of a worldwide pandemic.

Full feature film shows how the mainstream media is used to brainwash humanity. With testimonies of some of the last true journalists who are left worldwide.

Documentary by Hollywood insiders who reveal how the movie industrie is used to control the world. Hollywood is instructed by for example the CIA, criminal billionaires, satanic societies, etc.

The epic series that explain in detail how a worldwide elite is the true cause of most suffering on earth, and how this ‘cabal’ is approaching it’s historical downfall.

Upcoming Projects

Amazing fact based documentary revealing how virtually everything on earth (food, tech, clothing, media, governments, every industry…) is owned by one single company! Absolutely mind blowing…

Good hearted people in dozens of nations are connecting with CPAC (US conservatives) to stand against the New World Order and defend freedom.

The plan to change people into cyborgs. With Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Marck Zuckerberg (who is a cyborg already), the World Economic Forum, and so on. A new ‘humanity’ created by the evil superrich, who rule over these humans 2.0 as ‘gods’.

Shocking documentary about the worst evil on earth. The supperrich elite are all involved in trafficking, abusing, sacrificing and even eating children. Millions of children dissapear every single year…

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Let’s be ONE as humans all over the world, even with all our different colors, cultures, and beliefs.

Let’s UNITE in LOVE to stand against these wicked madmen, and reveal the truth to all of humanity.

We can do it, if we are one in love. For God is love.

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