So I just received another 24 facebook ban for posting a picture of a mask on a flag pole, saying the flag of slavery.  This post can be found all over facebook, but I got banned from it.  It is obvious why.  My videos are going viral, and they want to shut me up.

History has not taught these censorship idiots, that the truth will always prevail.  Watch this video.  Underneath this video, there is a download button.  Download the video.  Once it is downloaded, change the name of the video by right clicking on the title.  Then upload to facebook, and you might have your first viral video.  So, if they ban me, I will clone myself.  You can clone yourself.  We will not be silenced.  When they ban me, it just makes me work harder at being seen and I step up my game.

This site is a classic example.  They banned my main profile on Facebook for the third time for 30 days.  I created a new profile, and within days, my videos on a brand new profile were more viral than ever before.

This site went from getting 10-20 signups per day to 50/per day, and now over 300-400 per day just in the last week since my first profile got banned.  When are the idiots that are trying to censor the truth going to learn that every time they try, it blows up in their face.  You cannot shut the truth down as long as the internet is up.  If they take the internet down, and we shut off our tv’s, they have nothing less to brainwash us with.  They are fighting a losing battle, and we will bring those guilty to the death penalty for crimes against humanity in the new Nuremburg trials.

Download, Rename, and Upload to Facebook