Some big things have happened this week.  Big.   Trudeau’s leaked email is starting to bite him in the ass.  He moved forward with the plans that we knew about 4 months ago with setting up roadblocks in between provinces in between Ontario and Quebec.   Chris Sky is moving across the Country with a convoy of Canadians that were going to show how our rights still supercede the intimidation and bullshit that Trudeau is paying the media to lie to us about.   IN order to save face, the roadblocks are gone, because they know the livestream will decimate their bullshit.

I am sure we will be seeing a Chris Sky video in the near future explaining how he was surprised nobody was there.  Even disappointed, but we all need to rejoice.  Our pushback is really starting to work.   His plans are almost impossible to implement now that they have been so exposed.

So they will adjust their game, and try something else to lead to the same end.  But we will always be here.     20 Ontario Police detachments denounced Ford’s authority he gave them by allowing police to stop anyone without reason on the street, and id them and potentially arrest them.  The police are starting to have enough of the bullshit.  We were hoping and praying for signs of this.  Well now they are here.   We are OFFICIALLY TURNING THE CORNER!

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