You have been invited to this page to add your Rumble Channel to our Freedom TV App going live on TV’s across North America when we launch in April!


Do you want massive exposure for your freedom fighting rumble channel?

We are building the most robust TV Freedom Fighting Channel for multiple platforms, starting with Roku Televisions.  There are an estimated 80 Million Roku TVS in North America right now, and our launch strategy will see that millions of TV’s will be downloading our channel very quickly.  If you want your Rumble Channel on millions of tvs, submit your information below, and we will let you know if your channel is a approved.

If you were invited to this page by Awake Canada, you are already approved, and we just need to send you some information so that you can give us what we need to enter your channel onto our platform so that it will update automatically everytime you upload another video.  Imagine, uploading your video and it instantly going to millions of tvs all over North America!  Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, submit your information below.   Donations are appreciated, but not required.

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