States Move to Ban Vaccine Passports

Public Integrity reported:

As Americans figure out what post-pandemic life will look like, some states are taking steps to ensure that proof of vaccination ― or so-called “vaccine passports” ― won’t be part of it.

On Tuesday, Missouri became the latest state to restrict when its citizens could be asked to show they were vaccinated for COVID-19. At least fifteen other states have limited or banned vaccine passports via legislation or governors’ executive orders. Some of the measures prevent local governments from issuing or requiring vaccine credentials, while others also discourage businesses from doing so. At least one state, Arizona, made an exception for healthcare providers.

How COVID-19 Vaccine Policies Have Triggered Lawsuits and Workplace Showdowns

ABC News Reported:

Tens of millions of Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and with that, workplaces around the country are opening up once again

But the rules that some employers and others have put into place mandating vaccines that are still not fully authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, have sparked showdowns with employees.

Lawsuits have been filed against a Texas hospital, a Los Angeles school district, a North Carolina sheriff and a New Mexico detention center, to name a few.

California Launches Website to Help Residents Get Digital Vaccine Record, Insists It’s Not a Passport

Gizmodo reported:

A new website in California will give the public a way to access their digital COVID-19 vaccine record and share their proof of vaccination. While that may sound awfully close to a vaccine passport, which is a contentious topic in some states, California insists that it’s not.

The state recently unveiled its Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record portal, which it describes as an “optional means” for people to obtain their covid-19 vaccine information. According to the website, the record provided is the digital version of the paper card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention individuals receive when they’re vaccinated. California officials also maintain that the digital vaccine record is also a convenient safeguard for people who have misplaced or lost their physical card.

COVID-Tracker App Installs Itself Without User Consent, Including on Parental-Locked Devices

The National Pulse reported:

Massachusetts state officials recently announced the launch of the “voluntary” MassNotify app, which monitors the spread of COVID-19 in the state. The only problem is the app appears to be installing itself on residents’ and their kids’ smartphones, unbeknownst to users, and without their consent.

The news creates a disturbing new dimension to privacy laws and even private property concerns as hundreds of users have reported their Android phones have had the app surreptitiously installed, without their prior knowledge.

Is 5G a Potential Fire Hazard?

The Aspen Times reported:

Fire! This word strikes fear in Colorado. Our state is facing its worst fire season ever. This summer may be as dangerous as any we have faced, and we are all in a hypervigilant state to prevent fires. Compounding the threat is the unprecedented proliferation of 5G cell towers.

According to Tony P. Simmons, P. E., an electrical engineer who is a subject matter expert on electrical safety in California and Nevada, “Many people are not aware that electrical equipment, including all cell towers and 5G small cell sites, pose a fire threat that must be mitigated by a recognized electrical fire safety expert. Every electrical device is going to fail at some point. The goal is to ensure that failures do not imperil life, health and property.”

Three fires in California have been started either in part or in whole by telecommunications equipment failures: Silverado, Woolsey and Malibu Canyon.

As Qatar Mandates COVID Vaccines for 2022 World Cup, Here’s How Other Sports Are Preparing to Welcome Fans Back

Forbes reported:

Fans hoping to see the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend, the country’s prime minister announced Monday, an increasingly common, if divisive, strategy as large sporting events around the world grapple with how to safely welcome back athletes and fans amid an ongoing pandemic and an unevenly distributed immunization drive.

Many requirements implicitly acknowledge the reality of an uneven and, as of yet, incomplete vaccine rollout, opting for proof of vaccination or a negative test. For international events like the World Cup and the Olympics, there may be a tendency towards stricter vaccine mandates as differences in containing the coronavirus and its variants around the world risk importing the disease. For international events, this poses numerous issues, particularly with regard to what types of vaccines are considered eligible and the inability for much of the world to access vaccines while wealthy nations hoard supplies. Domestically, such as in Florida, laws forbidding “vaccine passports” could also complicate such requirements.

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