Shawn Buckley is a Canadian Constitutional lawyer with extensive experience regarding the regulation of drugs and health products in Canada.

Testifying to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, Constitutional Lawyer Shawn Buckley explained the politically motivated, fraudulent approval of the not-safe, not-effective, not-a-vaccine, toxic genetic injections, which were forced into Canadian’s bodies.

Shawn Buckley – The Political Approval of the Covid Vaccine: A Constitutional Lawyer’s Perspective | Quebec City Day Two | NCI

Shawn Buckley, a constitutional lawyer specializing in the Food and Drug Act, shares his insights on the approval process of the Covid vaccine. He discusses the normal procedures for drug approval and how they differ from the approval process that was used for the Covid vaccine. He argues that the approval of the vaccine was driven more by politics than by health considerations. He sheds light on the political forces at play during the approval process and how they affected the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Buckley’s perspective provides an important legal and constitutional analysis of the vaccine approval process that sheds light on the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

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