For our return episode Justice Centre interim president Lisa Bildy talks about the issues that have our supporters very concerned, vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines. She explains why she sees these topics, along with the federal attack on free speech in Canada, as all of one piece in the larger culture war.

Justice Centre News Release, Jul 20, 2021: BC Supreme Court upholds Charter right to free expression in an event booking

Global News, Aug 11, 2021: Canada getting vaccine passport for international travel

CBC, Aug 13, 2021: Federal government to require vaccinations for all federal public servants, air and train passengers

CBC, Aug 13, 2021: Mandatory vaccines for University of Windsor staff and students this fall

Global News, Aug 11, 2021: Hamilton councillors approve motion pushing for provincial COVID-19 vaccine passport

Brandon Smith via Zerohedge, Aug 13, 2021: Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?

Nature, Scientific Reports, Jul 30, 2021: COVID-19 vaccines that reduce symptoms but do not block infection need higher coverage and faster rollout to achieve population impact

Alex Berenson Substack, Aug 14, 2021: Gaslighting, a Covid love story–If at first you don’t succeed, lie about what you promised

Lisa Bildy in New Discourses, Jun 11, 2021: They Can’t Cancel All of Us: How We Fought the Woke Thought Police and Won A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic by Laura Dodsworth

Youtube, Feb 2, 2021: Love Your Servitude – Aldous Huxley & George Orwell (fear conditioning discussion starts at 11m 15s)

Global News, Jul 29, 2021: Ottawa lays out proposal for digital safety watchdogs to crack down on hate online Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay

New Discourses Podcast, Ep 19, with James Lindsay Repressive Tolerance (full text)

Reuters, Aug 13, 2021: Sydney daily COVID-19 cases hit record high, more troops to enforce lockdown

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