We update our audience on some of the Justice Centre cases; Dr. Francis Christian in Saskatchewan was fired from his university post for publicly advocating for informed consent regarding experimental vaccinations; Crown Prosecutors are dropping more tickets to avoid having to defend lockdown measures in court; and we celebrate a victory in federal court which ruled against the federal government for religious discrimination. Then we discuss the Federal government’s new Bill C-36, which John figures is the worst attack on free speech in Canada that he has ever encountered.

Justice Centre News Release, Jun 23, 2021: Surgeon fired by College of Medicine for voicing safety concerns about Covid shots for children

Edmund Fordham in The Conservative Woman, Jun 29, 2021: Scandal of the suppressed case for ivermectin

Canadian Press via CBC, Jan 29, 2021: COVID-19 deaths in Canada may be 2 times higher than reported, study finds

Performance protest, Jean Talon market, at 6:51 of this video
Rebel News, Jun 27, 2021: “We are here to tell them that we are free”: Protesters rally outside CBC building in Sherbrooke, QC

Justice Centre News Release, Jun 30, 2021: Five more Covid tickets dropped by Crown

Justice Centre News Release, Jun 29,2021: Court rules against federal government on denial of Canada Summer Jobs Funding

Global News, Jun 23, 2021: Liberals introduce bill to fight online hate with Criminal Code amendments

Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun, Jun 27, 2021: Bill C-10 was just the tip of the iceberg

Mark Steyn, Jun 28, 2021: Section 13 Rises from the Dead

Amazon.ca: SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police Paperback by Vox Day

Michelle Rempel Garner Twitter Cringe, Jun 8, 2021: “Yes. I humble myself and ask forgiveness, and seek to make things right. I have privilege; I am cis/straight/white. But I am also a woman who works in a system dominated by white maleness…”

justicethomasmovie.com: Created Equal

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