Alberta currently has the highest number of covid “cases” in North America, based on dubious PCR tests. The government uses these meaningless numbers to justify further violating the Charter rights and freedoms of citizens. Coincidentally (or not), the Justice Centre is in Alberta court challenging the lockdown, with the first two days of the trial of Pastor James Coates and GraceLife Church now concluded. In court, government did not produce any medical or scientific evidence to try to justify its Charter-violating lockdown measures; after 13 months of lockdowns the government isn’t ready yet. As an added bonus, at the end of the podcast we replay John’s Calgary rally speech from May 4.

Truth Over Fear Summit II –

CTV News, May 4, 2021: New Alberta COVID-19 restrictions to move schools online, close patios and limit outdoor gatherings to 5

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, May 6, 2021: Kenney government misleads Albertans about COVID and lockdowns

“Doctors say modelling projections have been extremely accurate to date…”
City News, May 4, 2021: ICU, critical care docs pen letter to Kenney begging for action to curb COVID-19 spread

Justice Centre News Release, May 5, 2021: Alberta Government’s own data shows hospital bed and ICU utilization at five-year low

Toronto Star, May 2, 2021: It’s got the highest COVID-19 rates in Canada — again. Is Alberta headed for disaster?

Alex Boyd, Toronto Star reporter for Alberta, Twitter thread, May 2, 2021

CBC, May 3, 2021: ‘Incredibly frustrating’: Calgary mayor wants courts to uphold COVID-19 measures

Don Braid in the Calgary Herald, May 3, 2021: UCP shuts down legislature, faces charges of cowardice

Breitbart, May 3, 2021: Thousands Attend ‘No More Lockdown Rodeo Rally’ in Canada

The Great Barrington Declaration

CBC, May 3, 2021: 7 Manitoba churches challenging province’s COVID-19 pandemic powers in court

John Carpay in The Epoch Times, May 2, 2021: Government Censorship of the Internet Is Tyranny, Not Protection

Calgary Freedom Central on Youtube, May 4, 2021: John Carpay (rally speech)

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