Canada’s provincial and federal governments had a bad week on the Covid file, as increasing case numbers, leading to increased lockdowns and fines, are revealing their restrictions don’t seem to be working. To make matters worse, we learn that the country’s Covid deaths in long term care homes are the highest in the developed world. We discuss this news and John gives us a sneak preview of an upcoming paper, as yet untitled, that the Centre is working on now.

Western Standard, Mar 29, 2021: Emergency group challenges Kenney, Hinshaw to debate over COVID restrictions

CBC, Mar 29, 2021: New data shows COVID-19 pandemic now ‘completely out of control’ in Ontario, key scientific adviser says

Global News, Mar 29, 2021: Sweeping new restrictions in place including in-person dining at B.C. bars and restaurants

CBC, Mar 30, 2021: Canada’s nursing homes have worst record for COVID-19 deaths among wealthy nations: report

Lorne Gunter in the Calgary Sun, Mar 27, 2021: Trudeau’s vaccine blunders is why Canada may have a third wave

CTV, Mar 25, 2021: Public health agency was unprepared, led to lacking early pandemic response: AG

Global News, Mar 30, 2021: Canada’s Atlantic provinces have kept COVID-19 largely at bay — here’s how

Reuters, Mar 29, 2021: BRIEF-Canada to pause use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on anyone under 55 – Deputy Chief Medical Officer

FEE, Mar 26, 2021: Sweden Saw Lower Mortality Rate Than Most of Europe in 2020, Despite No Lockdown

Breitbart, Mar 29, 2021: Coronavirus Cases Fall in Texas over Two Weeks After Restrictions, Mask Mandate Lifted

CBC, Mar 27, 2021: Parents against COVID-19 health measures pull children from classes at northern Alberta school

Fox29 Philadelphia, Mar 29, 2021: Amish community in Lancaster County reaches herd immunity from COVID-19, medical center says

Global News, Mar 29, 2021: ‘Significant numbers of exposures at schools in the weeks to come’: Island Health issues warning

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