Veteran Canadian Journalist Rodney Palmer exposes CBC’s and MSM’s total abandonment of news-gathering, to produce pure propaganda instead

Rodney Palmer has an impressive resume as a veteran Canadian journalist. This includes 20 years as CTV foreign correspondent and CBC investigative reporter; and serving as CTV News Foreign Correspondent and Bureau Chief in India, China, and the Middle East. He also has experience  reporting on infectious disease outbreaks.

Within days of covid’s launch in 2020, Palmer was shocked by what he saw happening at CBC and other news agencies. He observed a complete conversion from gathering news, to manufacturing propaganda.

Rodney Palmer’s NCI testimonies shattered the matrix of covid lies that have been used to confuse and divide us, coerce us into dangerous injections, promote unjustified hatred for  “unvaccinated” people, and cause death, disease, and injuries. The details are interesting and offensive.

Please share this especially with anyone who still suffering from trusting the CBC, MSM, WHO or Canadian government.

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