David Kraydens exclusive interview with Dr Mark Trozzi

“We’re trying to save lives here; anyone getting in the way including the CPSO is pathetic.”

 Crimes against humanity are being committed by anyone promoting these covid-19 injections or trying to duct tape my mouth or the mouths of anyone else who are warning people.”

Here is a full speed honest update about all things covid. This includes the injections, injuries, deaths, College of Physicians and Surgeons, current dangers, the WHO, plus reasons and ways to take action.

Short clip: Regarding the CPSO, I am in this fight for the people of my province and country.
People have a right to see an honest doctor or nurse.

Full Interview: “Putting Everything on the Line to Fight For People,” Exclusive w/ Dr. Trozzi | Stand on Guard Ep 61 with David Krayden.

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