I am working with several lawyers worldwide to prepare powerful legal solutions to fight the crimes against humanity.

Just now I got off the phone with a true American hero, Rick Martin from the Constitutional Law Group. He is a very experienced lawyer who has allowed tens of thousands of business in the USA to stay open, despite state lockdowns!

Mr. Martin is gathering hundreds of sheriffs to prepare arrests of governors, mayors, judges etc. A sheriff is the highest legal authority in the land, who can even arrest a president! Most don’t know this, and Rick Martin is informing sheriffs and preparing them to defend freedom.

His strategy is to show people worldwide to learn the constitutional laws of their country, and then use that to defeat tyranny.
Tens of thousands of businesses in the USA stayed open during lockdowns, with the legal help of Mr. Martin!

In a few weeks he will be here for a few days, and we will make a documentary to inform the world about this. I believe this experienced warrior lawyer has the golden key to fight this corruption.

Far more information about this will be revealed. This is just a heads up, so you know I am working on this. Make sure to sign up for our emails, to be informed and empowered to defend your life, freedom and future. 


My goal is to not only inform the world about the crime of this planned pandemic and the New World Order, but to also provide tools to fight it.

Lawyers connect!

If you are a lawyer or someone who is involved in an organization that uses legal ways to reform the world, please get in touch with me. I want to build a network where people can learn from each other and strengthen one another to win this war. Many constitutions in different countries are quite similar and what Rick Martin is doing here, can be applied worldwide, with the right lawyers who can tweak it to take down their corrupt governments.

When the people are afraid of their government, they are slaves. When the government is afraid of their people, there is freedom. A people who don’t know the law, are powerless. A people who know the law, are invincible. 

Rick Martin will explain how easy it is to get informed and start using the law. He mentioned two things for Americans: The handbook for sheriffs and the constitution. Download these by clicking the links and start reading. Other nations must do the same: get a copy of the constitution of your country, connect with lawyers and start preparing.


The key is this: every human has universal rights, that are protected by the constitution. We don’t have ‘constitutional rights’ as many think. However, we have eternal, universal, God-given rights, that are protected by a constitution. We need to know, and use the constitution to defend our eternal, universal rights.

Notice of Liability

notice of liability

I am also working on providing Notices of Liability for everyone to download and use. A Notice of Liability is a document that you give to somebody (for example the governor, commissioner, mayor, health minister, president,…) in which you declare that THEY ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they are causing with their unlawful actions.

You can also give this to anyone who forces you to be tested, vaccinated, wear a mask, etc.

Not only does it show people the legal consequences of their illegal actions, it also forces them to start thinking. The Notices of Libality that we prepare will contain links to information about the crimes and lies of this pandemic. This forces people who blindly ‘follow orders’ to start doing research and wake up from their deep sleep of deception.

More info about this will follow soon.

Protection against vaccines

There will also be powerful legal documents to protect you from the vaccines, lockdowns, etc. 

People who try to enforce these unlawful measures (be it school teachers, principals, health officials, government officials, law enforcement, etc.) will be held accountable, and prosecuted, for their collaboration in illegal, criminal activity, which is causing damage to people’s health, and social life, the economy of their community, and which violates their universal rights that are protected by the constitution.

I am working on all this, so bare with me as we prepare to defend our freedom. If you don’t receive our emails yet, make sure to sign up and don’t miss critical information, truth and encouragement. 

For now, be encouraged that lots of great things are happening. Keep me in your prayers for protection and wisdom. Stay tuned, stay focused, stay hopeful, and keep sharing the truth out there.

You are not alone, but God is raising up people all over the earth, to expose darkness and spread a bright light that opens up a new future,

The corruption is coming down, big time!

Many blessings and love,

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