No wonder Pfizer tried to get the courts to bury this trial data until 2075.  All guilty parties would be dead by then.  Just like they did with the JFK files being locked up until around now sometime.  However, a judge ordered these files be released, and it will MAKE YOU SICK.  (NO PUN INTENDED)

The below video will have sensitive language in it.  If you do not wish to hear an angry Canadian that is disgusted with the criminal intent of our Canadian Government, and its health ministers, premiers, and Crime Minister Justin Trudeau, then don’t watch it.  Skip right to the link below the video.  For faster reading, read from page 30 onwards, and THEN REMEMBER all those “safe and effective” stickers that Fakebook slapped over all the posts that “freedom fighters” tried to warn you about.

Click here to see the data that proves us “conspiracy theorists” right!

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