“…and no one is punished for lying”- Tucker Carlson.

Since the launch of covid-19, Canada’s top ethical scientists, journalists, nurses, doctors and others; and our experiences with ministers of health, administrators of universities, medical colleges, and state funded propagandists, are fine examples of what Tucker Carlson articulates so well here in 2 minutes.

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Many old institutions are currently occupied by completely illegitimate, criminal and negligent leadership. Historically, at such extreme levels of corruption, and crimes against humanity; the solutions come from the most genuine actions of democracy: people as a whole exercising power. It is our duty and right to achieve justice, and maintain the rights and freedoms of good people who act in honor and do no harm. We are all imperfect, and wise to be humble, appropriately repentant, and grateful for guidance and forgiveness; but there are those who act in such extreme dishonor and cause enormous harm, that it is our duty, as all good people, to do our part, to neutralize them. They have forfeited their rights, and can not hold positions of power in business or government, nor function as free citizens, any longer.

democracy (n.)

“government by the people; a system of government in which the sovereign power is vested in the people as a whole exercising power directly or by elected officials; a state so governed,” 1570s, from French démocratie (14c.), from Medieval Latin democratia (13c.), from Greek dēmokratia “popular government,” from dēmos “common people,” originally “district” (see demotic), + kratos “rule, strength” (see -cracy).

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