New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins should join Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau, and other self serving political narcissists on route to the gallows for their roles in covid crimes against humanity.

Chris Hipkins is the current PM of New Zealand. It replaced Jacinda Ardern. Hipkins just dressed up like a respectable human being and officially declared that “there was no compulsory vaccination” and “people made their own choices” in New Zealand.

 Is this silver-spoon-fed creature just lying, or does it not understand that for us humans, providing food and shelter for our children is compulsory?

I enter this short video as one piece of evidence for Hipkins’ well-deserved trial trial for crimes against humanity.

Hipkins and Ardern’s New Zealand Labour Party have carried out a reign of terror, with extreme coercion of covid-19 injections and severe violations of human rights since the launch of covid.

Another silver-spoon-fed narcissist tool of the global covid agenda:

Yet another:

Dr Trozzi grassroot video from April 2021. Doctors, Nurses, Ethics, and Law

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