We grow beautiful leaf lettuces in Ontario, but our growing season comes to an end in the fall.  At that time, we are grateful to be able to turn to growers in the sunny south who aren’t as limited as we are in that way.  They are not without challenges however, and right now in Salinas Valley California they are facing a massive, widespread one of disease and severe crop loss.  This video shows the scale of the destruction, and explains why you may notice that lettuce is missing from your store shelves, or the price is through the roof if you are lucky enough to find it.

As much as we love lettuce in our salads, it’s important to remember that we have options at times like this.  Other greens such as kales, spinach, chards and radicchio are much hardier than lettuces in cooler temperatures and are still available locally.  They make a delicious substitution in your salads!  They have the added benefit of being a little more versatile too – they can be enjoyed raw or cooked.  

We are also grateful to Ontario greenhouse growers that provide us with fresh Ontario produce all year!  Slegers Greenhouses grow beautiful lettuces, herbs & microgreens all year that we are proud to keep in our regular inventory.  They are sold with the root ball attached, which means they last.  Snip, rinse and serve!

For inspiration, the following is a favourite recipe shared by our HR Specialist Karol, and features a robust blend of strong flavours that can be made with available Ontario greens!



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