Bill S75/A279 requires medical professionals who administer vaccines to patients 19 and older to enter their vaccine records in state-operated immunization registries which then provide the data to the New York State Department of Health or the New York City Department of Health (for providers treating patients in New York City).

Vaccine status for New York adults were never mandatory to be reported previously. This bill removes the right to privacy for vaccine status for adults in New York and confiscates personal health data in the name of “public health.”

If passed, S75/A279 is yet another invasive measure and more government overreach from New York that violates the privacy of personal health status and will lead to more government control and segregation.

The bill has passed the Senate Health Committee and Assembly Health Committee and is due to next go to the Codes Committee for review on Tuesday, May 25.

Here’s what New Yorkers need to do to fight this bill:

Connect with your state reps. Call and email both your state Senator and Assemblyperson if you haven’t already in regard to where they stand on S75/A279. If you aren’t sure who your reps are, please look up your state senator here and your assemblyperson here. Politely ask them if this goes to a full floor vote will they vote no.
Contact the Codes Committee members. Please call, email, Tweet and connect on social media with all members of the Code Committee:

Carl Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly
(518) 455-3791, (718) 654-6539
Twitter: @carlheastie

Jeffrey Dinowitz, Codes Committee, Chair, Co-Sponsor
Voted Yes in Health Committee
(518) 455-5965, (718) 796-5345,
Twitter: @JeffreyDinowitz

Vivian Cook, (518) 455-4203, (718) 322-3975
No Twitter
No Facebook

David Wepriin, (518) 455-5806, (718) 454-3027

Gary Pretlow, (518) 455-5291, (914) 667-0209

Latrice Walker, (518) 455-4466, (718) 342-1256

Nick Perry, (518) 455-4166, (718) 385-3336

Clyde Vanel, (518) 455-4711, (718) 479-2333

Rebecca Seawright, (518) 455-5676, (212) 288-4607

Daniel O’Donnell, (518) 455-5603, (518) 866-3970
NO twitter

Catalina Cruz, (518) 455-4567, (718) 458-5367

Steven Cymbrowitz: (518) 455-5214, (718) 743-4078
Voted YES in Health Committee
Twitter: @cymbrowitz

Patricia Fahy, (518) 455-4178, Co-Sponsor

Charles D. Lavine, (518) 455-5456, (516) 676-0050, Co-Sponsor

Linda Rosenthal: (518) 455-5802, (212) 873-6368, Co-Sponsor
Voted YES in Health Committee
No Twitter
No Facebook

Andrew Hevesi: (518) 455-4926, (718) 263-5595, Co-Sponsor
Voted YES in Health Committee
Twitter: @AndrewHevesi

Tom Abinanti, (518) 455-5753, (914) 631-1605,
Voted NO in Health Committee
Twitter: @Tom Abinanti


Joseph Giglio, (518) 455-5241, (518) 373-7103
No Twitter
No Facebook

John Mikulin, (518) 455-5341, (516) 228-4960

Michael Montesano, (518) 455-5477, (516) 937-3571

Angelo Morinello, (518) 455-5964, (716) 282-4226
No Twitter

Michael Reilly, (518) 455-4495, (718) 967-5282

Michael Tannousis, (518) 455-5716, (718) 439-8090

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