Dr. Tyna Moore is a naturopathic doctor and leading expert in holistic regenerative medicine and resilient health. Trained in traditional and alternative science and medicine, as both a naturopathic physician and chiropractor, she specializes in preventing severe illness in her patients.

Yet when Moore and her colleagues spoke out about effective COVID treatments, including vitamin C and vitamin D, Moore said they were silenced and deplatformed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

Moore told Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast,” my lawyer called and said, “Do not say a word online. They are investigating doctors left and right.”

When one of her colleagues was investigated for using the words “vitamin C” and “COVID” in a social media post, Moore knew something was “awry” and that she needed to act with caution.

Moore said:

“I realized we shouldn’t be peddling snake oil and unfounded cures, but basic physiology, basic biochemistry, basic nutrition. We know that people who are nutritionally poor or have low nutritional status, not only do they get sicker and die faster from these types of viruses, but they also create more virulent strains and spread more virulent strains — as do obese people. And I thought for sure that this information would come out from the powers that be, and we would get some common sense, but that didn’t happen.”

As a naturopath, Moore understands obese people with diabetes and kidney issues are the most at risk for COVID. She was confident the media and health officials would say, “This is how you can empower yourself and help yourself be more resilient to this virus.”

But that didn’t happen. Instead, lockdowns were enforced and gyms were closed, taking exercise out of the picture, Moore said.

“When you put any mammal in isolation, the immune system plummets and their inflammation increases,” said Moore. “Inflammation and frailty are at the root cause of poor outcomes with this virus.”

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