Morgan Stanley’s New York Office Bans Unvaccinated Staff and Clients

CNN Business reported:

Morgan Stanley plans to ban workers from its New York headquarters if they have not received a COVID-19 vaccine. The rule will apply to non-vaccinated guests and clients as well.

According to a source close to the company, Morgan Stanley said in a memo to its employees in the New York metropolitan area that all staff working in buildings with a “large employee presence” are required to confirm their vaccination status by July 1.

The source added that “vaccine attestation is on an honorary basis for employees, contingent workforce, clients and visitors.” The Financial Times was the first to report the news. The company plans to expand the vaccination mandate to employees and guests in other Morgan Stanley locations in New York City and nearby Westchester starting July 12.

Fifth of Google Play Apps Violate Child Protection Law

Info Security Group reported:

One in five apps on Google Play designed for children appear to be breaking federal law, according to new research from Comparitech.

The consumer rights and comparison site analyzed the top 300 free and top 200 paid apps on the marketplace under the children and family categories and reviewed each listed privacy policy.

It found that one in five contravened the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), legislation which places a strict set of FTC-enforced requirements on websites and online services aimed specifically at the under-13s, or those that collect personal data on children.

All UK Arrivals in EU Should Be Quarantined, Says Angela Merkel

The Guardian reported:

Angela Merkel has said travelers from the UK should be quarantined wherever they arrive in the EU, as the union’s agency for disease control forecast that the Delta variant of COVID will account for 90% of cases in member states by the end of August.

Ahead of Thursday’s summit with fellow EU leaders, the German chancellor said she wanted better coordination to fight the spread of the highly transmissible variant that has surfaced strongly in the UK and is now bedding down in the bloc.

“In our country, if you come from Great Britain, you have to go into quarantine – and that’s not the case in every European country, and that’s what I would like to see,” Merkel told the Bundestag lower house of parliament.

Ohio Vaccine Choice Bill Back in the Spotlight

The Center Square reported:

Doctors, health professionals and business groups lined up Tuesday to oppose a bill in the Ohio House that would allow people to opt out of the COVID-19 vaccination nearly two weeks after controversial testimony supporting the bill created nationwide attention.

Rep. Jennifer Gross, R-West Chester, introduced the Vaccine Choice & Anti-Discrimination Act in what she called an effort to protect people who choose not to be vaccinated from discrimination due to vaccine status.

The bill caught national attention following a June 10 hearing when Cleveland-area doctor Sherri Tenpenny, along with Joanna Overholt — who said she was a nurse practitioner – each said the COVID-19 vaccine leads to magnetism and causes metal objects to stick to the body of a person after they received the vaccine.

EU Investigates Google’s Conduct in Digital Ad Tech Sector

Miami Herald reported:

European Union regulators have launched a fresh antitrust investigation of Google, this time over whether the U.S. tech giant is stifling competition in digital advertising technology.

The European Commission said Tuesday that it has opened a formal investigation into whether Google violated the bloc’s competition rules by favoring its own online display advertising technology services at the expense of rival publishers, advertisers and advertising technology services.

More Than 150 Houston Hospital Workers Are Fired or Resigned Over COVID Vaccine Requirement

USA Today reported:

More than 150 employees at a Houston hospital system have been fired or resigned after the medical system implemented a mandate requiring a COVID-19 vaccine and a judge dismissed an employee lawsuit over it.

The hospital system had required employees to complete their immunization by June 7. One hundred seventy-eight employees were suspended for two weeks without pay for not complying.

And after the suspension period ended Tuesday, 153 employees either resigned or were terminated for not completing their inoculations, a spokesperson for Houston Methodist Hospital system told The Associated Press.

Federal Jury Awards $2.4 Million in Damages to Fired AstraZeneca Sales Manager Who Alleged Retaliation for Whistleblowing

Oregon Live reported:

A federal jury in Portland on Tuesday awarded $2.4 million in damages to a woman who said she was fired from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals for complaining about alleged misleading marketing tactics.

Suzanne Ivie had worked at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals for 19 years, most recently in Salt Lake City as an executive district sales manager within its respiratory products division. Her district covered eastern Oregon, Idaho and Utah. She was fired on June 6, 2019, from her job, where she made $223,000 a year.

LAPD Examines Whether It Could Make COVID Vaccine Mandatory for Cops

Los Angeles Times via MSN reported:

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday requested the LAPD report back to it on the possibility and legality of a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for officers and the work assignments of its unvaccinated personnel — who represent nearly half the department.

The commission’s civilian members requested the information during their weekly virtual meeting after citing reporting in The Times over the weekend that showed that vaccination rates in public safety agencies in L.A. and across California lag behind those of the state’s overall population.

Only about 52% of LAPD officers are at least partially vaccinated, compared with 64% of Los Angeles residents 16 and older and about 72% of adult Californians, The Times reported. Only about 51% of city firefighters are at least partially vaccinated.

Colleges Want Students to Get a Coronavirus Vaccine, but They’re Split on Requiring the Shots

The Washington Post via MSN reported:

Indiana University, a flagship institution in a staunchly Republican state, will require its more than 100,000 students and employees to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as it turns the page on a strange pandemic school year. “This is saving lives, it’s as simple as that,” said university President Michael A. McRobbie. “And it will enable us to have a normal fall semester.”

Purdue University, also prominent in Indiana, is strongly encouraging vaccination for students and employees but avoiding mandates. A campaign for personal choice and responsibility, Purdue President Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. said, will get better public health results than requirements that “might come across as ham-handed and dictatorial.”

Two public universities, two divergent approaches, one race to a common goal: Maximize vaccination before college students return for the fall. Colleges and universities everywhere face daunting challenges, logistical and political, as they try to create safe campus spaces for living and learning in a nation weary of the coronavirus and divided over masks and vaccines.

Alberta Will Not Have a COVID Vaccine Passport: Dr. Hinshaw

Global News reported:

Alberta’s chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw says the province will not have a COVID-19 vaccine passport, but it will not stand in the way of a federal passport.

Tech Giants, Fearful of Proposals to Curb Them, Blitz Washington With Lobbying

New York Times via CBNC reported:

Ms. Pelosi pushed back on Mr. Cook’s concerns about the bills, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations. When Mr. Cook asked for a delay in the Judiciary Committee’s process of considering the bills, Ms. Pelosi pushed him to identify specific policy objections to the measures, said one of the people.

Morgan Reed, the president of the App Association, a trade organization sponsored by Apple and other tech and telecom companies, said in a letter to lawmakers on Tuesday that breaking up platforms and “limiting the services they can provide for our member companies would harm your constituents.”

Google Funded Virus Research by Wuhan Lab-Linked Scientist

Summit News reported:

After spending much of the past year suppressing information related to the Wuhan lab leak, it has now emerged that Google funded virus research carried out by Wuhan-linked scientist Peter Daszak.

Yes, really.

Until recently, those who dared voice their contention that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology found themselves being censored and in some cases banned by Google-owned YouTube.

Amazon Faces MPs’ Scrutiny After Destroying Laptops, Tablets and Books

The Guardian reported:

Amazon is facing fresh political scrutiny after an undercover investigation showed thousands of unsold products, including laptops, TVs, headphones and books — in some cases still in their packaging — being destroyed by the company.

The furore caused by the ITV News report led three Labour MPs, including the chairs of the all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) on digital skills and data poverty, to demand a meeting with John Boumphrey, the country manager UK at Amazon.

The destruction of unwanted laptops and tablets was incredibly damaging for the environment, they said, but also a “missed opportunity to help millions of people in the UK who do not have a device to connect to the internet”, said the letter, signed by Julie Elliott, Siobhain McDonagh and Darren Jones.

Algorithm of Harm: Facebook Amplified Myanmar Military Propaganda Following Coup

Global Witness reported:

After Myanmar’s military seized power in a coup on 1 February 2021, imprisoning the country’s democratically elected leaders, Facebook banned the armed forces from its platform. The company cited the military’s history of exceptionally severe human rights abuses and the clear risk of future military-initiated violence. But a month later, as soldiers massacred hundreds of unarmed civilians in the streets, we found that Facebook’s own page recommendation algorithm was amplifying content that violated many of its own policies on violence and misinformation.

In the lead up to the annual Armed Forces Day celebration on 27 March, the bloodiest day since the coup (see graph below), Facebook was prompting users to view and “like” pages containing posts that incited and threatened violence, pushed misinformation that could lead to physical harm, praised the military and glorified its abuses.

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