Mattius Desmet and Tucker Carlson both identify the importance of being genuine and telling the truth regardless of the corruption and consequences

How do we counter and end the era of lies and deception? We speak the truth; we are genuine. We do not filter or silence ourselves to please the WEF and their goblins in politics, business, and dinosaur media.  Here are two short  recent presentations that I think you will enjoy: Mattius Desmet speaking at the Romanian Parliament, and Tucker Carslon speaking at the Global Success Conference in Las Vegas.

Mattias Desmet. The Power and Importance of Sincere Speech

2023-11-19 The Romanian Parliament

“We have to change from a society that is based on the organizing principle of propoganda to a society that is based on the organizing principle of sincerity.”

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Tucker Carlson on the importance of truth

2023-11-21 The Global Success Conference, Las Vegas

“The only way  to stay alive and fully human at a moment like this  is to resolve that you are going to tell the truth in any and all circumstances.“

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