Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Mary O’Connor, and myself Dr Mark Trozzi received LifeSiteNews’ Medical Heroism awards Tuesday July 18, 2023 at the LifeSiteNews Gala in Toronto. Here is my brief light-hearted speech.

I was honored and thrilled to join Dr Byram Bridle and Dr Mary O’Connor at the LifeSiteNews’ Gala this past week in Toronto. The three of us received Life Site News 2023 Medical Heroism Awards.

Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Mary O’Connor, and Dr Mark Trozzi celebrating with Dr Chris Shoemaker

Life Site News co-founder and director Steve Jalsevac presenting Medical Heroism Award to Dr Mark Trozzi

Here is my short presentation to a full house of Life Site News reporters and their supporters. These are people who love life, and continue upholding compassion and respect for the sanctity of human life, even through these current dark times where governments and institutions have become lawless and have abandoned all morals. I hope this short presentation elevates your mood and makes you laugh.

Stay tuned for more great material from Life Site News and Canada’s truth telling doctors. On the morning following the Gala, Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Mary O’Connor, Dr Chris Shoemaker and I held a two hour press conference with fifty devout truth-telling Life Site News journalists.

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