Federal Tourism Minister and Edmonton Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault is accusing Alberta Premier Danielle Smith of attacking Canadian unity with her proposed sovereignty act.

In a broadcast to the province on Tuesday night, Smith said sovereignty legislation would be ready in about a week and act as a constitutional shield to protect Albertans.

But Boissonnault says the Albertans he has met  with aren’t “asking for more jurisdictional fights or constitutional squabbles.”

“They want a prosperous Alberta within a strong Canada, and they expect their federal and provincial governments to work together and deliver results that make their lives better,” he wrote in a statement.

“That means focusing on real issues like how we can make life more affordable and build an economy that works for everyone.”

See my response to Premier Danielle Smith’s address last night to Albertans pic.twitter.com/0kT1uDh1Lp

— Randy Boissonnault (@R_Boissonnault) November 23, 2022

Boissonnault did not address the $2.4 billion package Smith announced for struggling families on Tuesday night, namely $600 for families and seniors, at least six months of fuel tax relief, and re-indexed social benefits among a host of other benefits.

After announcing her plans to help Albertans through the inflation crisis, Smith turned to her proposed Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act. She ran on the proposal — dubbed the Alberta Sovereignty Act during the United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership race – as a means to bar federal bills deemed harmful to the province.

“This legislation is designed to be a constitutional shield to protect Albertans so that when Ottawa implements a policy or law attacking our economy or provincial rights, our government will not enforce those unconstitutional measures in Alberta,” Smith said Tuesday night.

“Some are attempting to scare folks into thinking that this legislation has something to do with leaving Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Yet Boissonnault said Smith’s plan to move forward with the legislation “is deeply concerning.”

“This Act will not create a single job, it will not help a single business, nor will it make life more affordable for a single family,” he wrote.

“Unequivocally, it is an attack on Canadian unity. As a proud Albertan, and an equally proud Canadian, this is something I can never support.”

Smith’s UCP leadership opponents, except Todd Loewen, came out against the Sovereignty Act during the leadership contest. Runner-up Travis Toews, now Smith’s finance minister, said it would create economic uncertainty and chase away investment.

All the former candidates are in Smith’s cabinet except Leela Aheer, who announced she wouldn’t run for the party in the spring general election. Smith said members of her cabinet would not have a free vote on the Alberta Sovereignty Act, unlike the rest of her caucus.

Awake Canada Footnotes:

Its better than an attack on Canadians Democratic values.  Giving more independence from federal governments tyrannical rules is good for any province.  Every province should follow.



Thanks to your donations, we can move to the next step.  We have filed to incorporate Awake Canada as a registered non profit charitable organization.  To be transparent, I have posted the receipts below.

For those that do not know why we did this, let me explain.   We are going to start using corporate clout to tackle some of the companies that are violating our rights.  Our first target is Facebook Canada for the unlawful censorship, banning, and shadow banning of Canadian Citizens.  Facebook is a platform, not a publisher.  They can write all the mumbo jumbo they want into their terms and conditions, but it does not excuse them from medical liability if people are harmed by them censoring doctors, and lawyers about what is really going on with Covid.

As a registered member of Awake Canada, if we push to class action, you will be automatically entered into this class action and dismissed if you have not ever had a facebook account.   My lawyer will inform me on this as we move to this process.  We are going to start by placing an injunction on my personal account, removing all bans, and shadow bans, and the Awake Canada facebook page.  Any action they take against this page or the content, will be challenged legally.  Be sure you are a member of that page if you are not.   You can join our Facebook Here.

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