A student census scheduled to be given by the Toronto District School board (TDSB) during the month of November asks Grades 9-12 students 108 questions contained in 31 pages, many of them about racial identity, whether they’re trans and what they know about breast binding and penis tucking.

It is so long that on page 19, TDSB census officials advise students to take a “wellness break” and perhaps take two class periods to complete it.

The survey is rife with many of the same intrusive and obscenely sexualized questions contained in the Grade 7-8 census.

These questions include those on mental health and feelings, safe school spaces, whether respondents identify as trans and know about breast binding, packing, tucking or padding options.

There is the same question about whether teachers use a student’s preferred name and correct pronouns.

Students are also asked if they are members of any of four black groups and five different Indigenous groups. White as a racial group is located near the bottom of the list.

They are also asked to indicate whether they are a member of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and if so, what category they fall into from selections that include asexual, pansexual (a student enjoys sex with a variety of genders and gender identities) and intersex (a student born with both female and male traits).

But the high school survey goes somewhat further with a bizarre question – Number 72 – about whether a student has learned about a variety of types of racism and anti-casteism.

Anti-Palestinian racism is separated out as if all Arabs are Palestinian, suggesting the ignorance of the survey creators about the Middle East.

Near the end of the survey, students are asked if school staff have discouraged them from taking university level courses or applying to post-secondary education.

This is a direct reference, in my view, to critical race theory which posits that our institutions are inherently racist and that black students are oppressed (not given the same opportunities)  by those of white privilege or the oppressors.

Parents have reacted with outrage – as they should – with the release by True North of the details of the Grades 4-6 and 7-8 voluntary surveys.

Although November was originally heralded on their website as Census Month, officials at the TDSB have hidden all reference to the controversial census – amid contentions that it is not compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Most of the survey does not address disabilities. This is simply a lame attempt to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure what TDSB officials intend to do with the answers, especially if parents advise their kids not to respond to it.

The touchy feely survey is so out of whack with what is actually occurring in high schools, it is surreal.

In short, students don’t need safe spaces because someone doesn’t like their gender identity or their pronouns. They need protection from the criminal element.

The survey was released one day after a violent school shooting at Scarborough’s Woburn Collegiate left an 18-year-old dead. Police confirmed he did not attend the school.

Yet the survey asks no questions about whether students feel unsafe due to ongoing violence, drug dealing, the lack of consequences (few suspensions or expulsions) and the fact that police officers were banned from schools in 2017.

It shows how far the TDSB has descended into a state of woke rot where officials care little about educating kids on the basics and even less about protecting them.

This is all about advancing radical ideologies using school kids as pawns.

Awake Canada Footnote:

This is a serious attack on our children, and if you have children in the public school system it is time for your voice to be heard.   Get involved and let your individual school know that this is not acceptable material.



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