Dr Tess Lawrie, Christof Plothe DO, and Matthew Anderson

The advice of the Godfather of Medicine is eternally valid. I mean the Godfather of real medicine, honest medicine, before-the-Rockefellers-and-without-them medicine: Hippocrates.

Pharmaceutical drugs are almost all poisons, by definition. Nutrients are not. They are the opposite. Food contains the keys, the molecules needed to maintain healthy functions of all our  cellular processes.  


More than two and one half thousand years ago, the great physician Hippocrates walked tall among the Greeks. He led many people out of dis-ease and into health. He is one of the first to articulate the essence of  “ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. This has remained a mantra of all credible physicians and health guides since.  

There is no one I would like more to consult with on this subject, than my friend Christof Plothe DO, here with Dr Tess Lawrie and veteran herbalist and nutritionist Matthew Anderson.   

Livestreamed here at 1 PM EST  2023/12/11.

Recorded video will appear here in the day or two after the event.

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