For the past 2.5 years, facebook has censored, blocked, and banned us, and doctors from posting anything counter narrative to the vaccines. I would like to challenge Facebook over riding board certified doctors by minimum wage fact checkers. This censorship has makes them liable for people that could have been warned from not taking these vaccines. This means the vaccine injured, and all the people that have vaccine injured friends or family that tried to warn them, but facebook’s factchecking made it impossible for us to reach them.

Their bias made people block us, or not talk to us, discriminate against us, and treat us overall as second class citizens, based on our research and work that told us that these vaccines were going to harm people.

To this day, they are blocking and banning people for posting videos of doctors. It is time to hold them accountable. Please share this video with everyone, and the evidence below shows that we have a case.

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