Again, I would urge all police to back off of enforcing illegal covid 19 restrictions written by our politicians.  Eventually, you will be required to investigate the politicians that are imposing them and checking to see if they are complicit in these crimes, or if they are just unaware.

Ignorance of the law is not a defence though.  The statistical data is readily available to all the public, and even the WHO has backed off of the lockdown and mask stance.  It is time for you the police to recognize this is a TRUE international crime, and this lawyer will provide you with all the evidence you need to start pursuing criminal investigation in Canada.

Any enforcement of Covid 19 policies, will be considered a breaking of the law by law enforcement, and people that are subjected to fines, or unlawful confinement in relation to Covid, will sue extensively to the City or Government that imposed it upon them.  We urge you as police, and/or military to investigate this fully with the cooperation of this lawyer.

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