This is a very ironic post.  I am going to embed a Facebook video that I thought for sure they would have taken down by now.  It has 11 thousand views and climbing everyday.  I just put it up a few days ago.  I thought for sure they would take it down.

I tell Fakebook what I intent to do.  The injunction is not going to cost the full amount below.  I am building coffers for legal fees, because if this works, I am going to start serving all big tech with similar injunctions.  Watch the video, and if you can help out, please donate below.  When we get enough for the injunction on Facebook, we will serve them, and I will update you with what happened.  If it works, we will move to YouTube, LinkedIn, and other woke companies violating our free speech.  I am particularly focused on the censorship of board certified doctors and the damages they have caused by censoring them.  This indirectly could be responsible for the deaths, and injuries of tens of thousands of Canadians.  They need to pay for this.  But first we need to stop them from doing this anymore.  After we win the battle against free speech, we will sue these companies for damages.

Please help with donations below if you can.

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