I have reached out to 3 law firms, and all 3 law firms, said they were too busy for us. LOL. I laugh, because they have no idea of the scope of what this lawsuit will do for them as a company, and for Canada as a nation. I have a belief now, that possibly the BAR has been instructed not to take cases against Facebook. This does not matter, because, this means some small firm looking for publicity and a name will. I think I have shot too high trying to get a big law firm.

They are controlled by the bar.

A small one or two person firm looking for free publicity, is where I will go. But in the meantime, I have already beat facebook. I have posted this video on Facebook and pinned it too the top of my profile, and for the first time in 2 years, I have not been banned for a consecutive month.  Any manual intervention to ban me, sees this video, and I “SUSPECT” it has been enough for them to not ban me.

They are still shadow banning me though, but this is a different defence in court, because they can make arguments about their algorithm, and it might be a hard case to argue.  However, they cannot under any circumstances legally justify banning doctor, and other medical experts speaking against the narrative.  This makes them criminally liable for people injured because they were censored from the information that may have prevented them from taking the jabs.

So, here is how you stop censorship on your personal facebook page.  I would suggest reading all steps then coming back and doing them.

Step 1.

Go to this video:


Step 2.

Copy and paste our injunction letter in between the lines to put above the video, and sign your name, where it says your name.


Dear Facebook,

I, the undersigned, as a member of Awake Canada and its 200,000 subscribers across multiple networks and our website, are writing to demand the immediate stop of censorship of all videos featuring doctors, medical professionals, and political speech.

We strongly object to the censorship of any content that is crucial to public health and political discourse. The censorship of these videos goes against the principles of free speech and access to information.  Furthermore, it is a violation in the criminal code of Canada section 83.1 which defines your actions as a terrorist group.

We are prepared to take legal action if this censorship is not immediately stopped. We will not hesitate to sue Facebook and seek damages for the harm caused by the censorship of these important videos.  This will include people that were injured from taking the jabs, because your censorship, stopped them from seeing the vital information that could have prevented them from taking it.

Failure to comply with this injunction request, WILL confirm me joining Awake Canada’s legal actions against Facebook Canada.


[Your Name]


Share this video immediately after you have copied and pasted it above the video.    It will then appear at the top of your timeline.

Step 3.

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the video, and choose pin to top.  Leave it their permanently.

Do all 3 of these steps immediately.   Then see if you receive any more bans.  Refrain from insulting people or getting into fights.  Stick to posting doctor videos, and other experts, and feel free to discuss politics without harrassment.  This has been the recipe for my return to facebook for a solid month without being banned.

Step 4.  Bookmark this page.

If you do get banned, come back here and comment with a link to your facebook profile, and make a reference to the video or post you got banned for.  If it is a violation based on everything on this page, we will add it to our evidence file as we continue to source for the right lawyer, that is willing to take this too the distance.

We must stop censorship.  It is the fall of democracy.  Take every step as I have advised here, and report any infraction from facebook in our comment section below.

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