Here is how you can help us UNITE THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT!

Go to and start searching for your favourite freedom fighting groups in Canada, or even the United States.  Freedom is not limited to just Canada, and some content creators in the US, are making great evidentiary videos that our channel needs.  I have made a list of 200 channels, I am going to personally start inviting next week, but in the meantime, I would like help from our members.  When you cut and paste this message into the comments section of the last 2-3 videos on a rumble channel that you would like to see on TV, it lets them know about us, and that you want them on your TV.  We are making it easy for them to do that.

When thousands of our members are requesting channels to join, it will let them know that there is a demand for them.  ON the page you invite them too, they are informed on how they can get their rumble account added to our upcoming tv channel, and even how to get paid for promoting it.   So that if they do not join by the time I contact the 200 on my list, they will be aware that people want them too.   This will make sure we recruit maximum amount of diversified content onto this TV channel.  This is how we unite the freedom movement.  So please help by copying and pasting the line below and pasting it into the comment fields of your favourite rumble channels.

Copy and past the below lines into the comments section of your favourite rumble channels.  (you will need a rumble account to do so.  Registering is free and you can do that here.)

Awake Canada wants to add your Rumble Channel to TV’s across North America!   They will even show you a way to get paid for it, as the launch gets closer.