Well, a lot of crazy stuff has happened in 2020.  A lot of controversial arguing in between friends, family, and co-workers.  We have been divided more than ever.

So heading into 2021, I would like to make a stand.

A commitment from myself, and members of our awake community.    In 2020, I have made many mistakes in the way I have responded to people that have attacked me for my point of view.  I have retaliated and been brought down to a level of arguing that is simply not conducive to creating unity and or respecting my fellow Canadians.  Just because you call me a name, or insult me for my point of view, it doesn’t mean that I should retaliate.  It is just a bad habit, and not one that is problem solving based.

So here is my commitment to everyone this year.

I believe very much that we are headed to more problems in 2021, and maybe, or maybe not, January 6, will be a historical day and the trigger of the greatest awakening our planet has ever known.   However, if Donald Trump does not beat the corruption and hold office, we are in a LONG DARK WINTER.   Meaning, months turning into years of the decline and fall of western civilization.  That is what has been determined for us.  But not by us.

So no matter where you are on this Covid 19 debacle, as an avid believer, or a full on anti government, conspiracist, we must put our differences aside.  And if we cannot do that, we must regain control over our language with others.  I cannot clean up your side of the fence, so I am going to work on mine.   I will stay committed to my mission to help people realize what is going on, but I will no longer engage in bickering back and forth comments.  If you insult me, I will ignore you.  My mission is clear.  To contribute to saving of my country and fellow countrymen.

And that is the thing that we should all unify on.   We all want the same thing.  We all want normalcy returned, or some form of it, or even a better norm.  A norm where our freedoms and liberties are not removed, and government mismanagement of our money is done away with.  We all want to spend time with friends, family, and gather at concerts and do the things that we all love.

So, lets stop fighting ok?  If you don’t believe the information our group shares with you, no problem.  Don’t insult us, or anyone about it.  I would encourage you to open your mind, and look at some plain hard facts about this matter.  There is enough evidence out there to show you that we are being manipulated in data, behaviour, and censorship.  There is enough proof that the media is fear mongering.  So if you don’t agree with our point of view, don’t be an ass about it.  Move along.

And for the people of the awake community.  Lets stop wasting our time in arguments.  Keep on sharing, and move along.  Keep your conversations civil, and be respectful regardless of how we are being treated.  Leaders get beat up for being in this position all the time.  It is what leaders do.  I have been a good leader at times, but fail miserably every time I engage with a troll, or someone that insults me for my point of view.

So to all people.  If you want 2021 to be better than 202o (shouldn’t be that hard), open your mind.  Stay kind.  Start having the conversations with the other side in a civil manner.  Look harder for evidence supporting the other side no matter what side you are on.

Sites like awakecanada.org rose up because of the demand of a voice that has been shut down by big tech, media companies, and our politicians.  We are moving towards complete censorship of ideas that go against the government narrative.  This is very dangerous, and no matter what side you are on, you should be concerned when one voice is massively censored.  This is the beginning of complete dictatorships.  Ones where government ideals are the only ones you are allowed to have.

So my fellow Canadians.  I wish you the very best 2021, and I promise to you to serve you as a fellow Canadian.  I will be there when your truck is on the side of the road.  I will be there, when you need a shoulder.  I will be there for anyone that allows me to be there for them.  I will not sit idly by and let our Country be run into the ground by elitists that have agendas and have bribed, blackmailed, or threatened our leaders into destroying our Country in the name of their bottom line profits.  No way.  And neither is anyone part of this community.  So be aware that we are stepping up in 2021.  We will grow massively in numbers, and we WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

If you don’t want to be part of the solution, then don’t be part of the problem.   Get out of our way.  When you are ready, and see what is revealed in this new year, you will be sorry for the way you treated us.   I am sorry for the way I have responded to this treatment.

Lets make Canada great again!!!  Happy New Year to ALL CANADIANS!!

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