I have had this sneaking feeling that everything we have seen in the past year is a giant movie, or play.

This sounds ridiculous, but so does everything else, but what if all this was happening because it was the only way to take down the 13 families that are running behind the scenes on this planet?  What if this was all an elaborate plan by the US military before Donald Trump, and they have been setting this up for years, knowing of the Covid Plan years in advance?

The writing was on the wall years ago.

In 2013 Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show on one of the episodes he met with a lady in an airport hanger that talked to him about a plan to depopulate the world using vaccines.  She said that the annual flu vaccines were actually designed to weaken the immune system more and more so that when they released a deadlier strain biological weapon in the future it would wipe out a lot of people.   In lieu of this last year, and what we DO KNOW, this doesn’t seem far fetched.  That episode was where I first learned about the Georgia Guidestones.

If you do your homework, and actually know anyone that got covid, and has suffered or died from it, ask yourself, or find out for yourself if they were people that regularly got the flu shot.  Because that episode from over 7 years ago came back to me when this all started.  I only know personally a few people through this whole time that got covid.  One was my sister, and she got it pretty bad.  She is a nurse, and gets the flu shot every year.  Her son got it too, but did not really have any problems with it all, as he is in his 20’s.  However, I recently argued on Facebook with a person that told me she had it back in March and is still suffering from it.   I asked her if she gets the flu shot, and she originally said no, but then later clarified with me that she ACTUALLY DID get the flu shot every year.

In asking around, I have found that a lot of people that get the flu shots regularly are the ones that get the bad version of Covid.

Now, the movie part.

Have you seen all the fake videos of people getting vaccinated?  In fact, I haven’t seen any videos of anyone for real getting vaccinated.  Seriously.  And these are not scheduled for distribution until later in January.

This US election is not finalized.   I find it very strange that the timing of the release of these vaccines coincides with a definitive time frame of knowing who is President.  Right now, we think we know.  Most people think Biden will be.  If you have followed any of my stuff, and a lot of us “conspiracy theorists” we think Trump is going to be and that the election was cheated.  So one way or another we are going to find out.   But there is a lot of evidence that I have seen that suggests this was all an elaborate sting operation by the US military AND Donald Trump to bring down the 13 families.

If you don’t know what I am talking about with the 13 families, check out this article I wrote a few weeks ago

Now, if you want to shut the tv off for a night.  Watch this.   Its funny, because my research that led me to the 13 families was completely independent of this video.  However, in this video he talks about the taking down of ALL 13 FAMILIES.

It is most certainly something to think about.  Especially if its true and you don’t want to be blindsided by what could be unfolding right before our very eyes.

I am starting to get an overwhelming sense of freedom, in knowing that we are about to experience a cleansing of the planet.  A sense of peace that we are about to walk into a new era of incredible enlightenment where humans are for the first time in hundreds of years, REALLY FREE.

I had no idea where this wormhole would take me, but lets just say that in just a few days, if something is dropped on January 6, 2020 when the electoral college  is supposed to be finalized, then everything in this below video could play out.  I have also recently found a nationwide lawsuit from the Federal Government in the States against Walmart, that could literally bankrupt them, which is part of this taking down of the 13 families.  Things are getting interesting for sure, and while I can’t say for sure if these 13 families are going to go down this year, there is sure a lot of evidence that an attempt at it is brewing, and is just around the corner.

There has been many videos, all saying that this was and always has been a sting.  Mostly Q-Anon videos.  But, I tell you.  It sure would be nice if this all happened.  Lets hope and pray.  Because if it is, WOAH, what a movie it will make.  And according to this video below, it will be a movie, and the greatest one of all time.   The good news, is that the clock is running out, and we will know very soon.  If Trump holds on, and remains President, WOW, all I can say is that we are headed for an AMAZING YEAR if everything else plays out the way this movie is supposed too.

Are you ready for a SPECTACULAR YEAR?

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