Dr Trozzi joins retired combat sports athlete and truth seeker Tanner Willshaw

Here is my recent candit conversation with Tanner on “The Final Shot.” We covered a lot of ground including some of my personal covid stories from the “front line”, followed by science, politics, covid-crimes, forced genetic injections, and solutions for injection victims’ health and our society.

5 Minute Clip: Forced injections, Medical exemptions, Assault and the CPSO

(full interview below)

17 Minute Clip: Dr Trozzi’s covid story condensed; from the beginning of covid until the college launched their campaign against him

(Correction at ±17 minutes I forgot to mention brain cancer and lung cancer)

About Tanner Willshaw

Tanner Willshaw is a retired combat sports athlete, and the host of a podcast called “Final Shot.” Prior to Covid-19, Tanner’s show focussed on combat sports. However since 2020, Tanner noticed unusual actions taken by governments and the medical industrial complex; so he began interviewing medical doctors, scientists and other experts in pursuit of the truth.

In September 2022 Tanner landed an interview with Dr Peter McCullough. Following that interview Tanner was targetted.  He was arrested by RCMP, his passport was revoked, and he was banned from podcasting for one year. That year is over and Tanner Willshaw is back

Full Interview: The Final Shot Episode 127 with Dr Mark Trozzi

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Healthcare workers punished for telling the truth are the ones you can trust


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