Mistakes Were Not Made

An Anthem For Justice We agree wholeheartedly with Dr David Martin that the members of the criminal covid enterprise, including Fidel’s boy, are guilty of premeditated mass murder. There were no mistakes. Rather, it was meticulous diabolic planning and execution. Here is a masterpiece in my opinion! It is an intense 4 minute video. My dear friend and colleague Dr Tess Lawrie is speaking. Dr Lawrie’s collaborator in this work, Margaret Anna Alice is also brilliant! Her concise and profound prose, deliver the covid crimes against humanity to the doors of the diverse and guilty perpetrators; plus every intense word is hyperlinked to robust scientific and recent-historical evidence validating the charges! This is a short read, but it also links into a library of exceptionally well organized evidence supporting each sharp phrase. Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice by Margaret Anna Alice The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.Holodomor was not a mistake.The Final Solution was not a mistake.The Great

Dr Laura Braden Exposes Big Pharma’s Lies and Recklessness

Dr Laura Braden Exposing Government Misinformation, Abusive Mandates; and Big Pharma’s Fraud and Recklessness.

Americans shocked by Ontario’s Medical Oppression

Dr Peter McCullough’s interview with Grant Stinchfield, following his strange experience testifying in Ontario’s CPSO “trial” of Dr Trozzi.

Contrasting Ivermectin With Covid-19 “Vaccines”

The WCH World Ivermectin Day event, inspired me to make this short video, and share it along with the epic event’s recording.

Vitamin D3 | The Great Biology Reset

Prof David Anderson MD explains the profound role of vitamin D3 in our health, and why the predators of big pharma work so hard to suppress this knowledge.

Dr Trozzi | Defying State-Driven Medical Censorship

Dr Mark Trozzi is in a battle for freedom of treatment (exclusive interview from RairFoundation USA and Amy Mek).

Why We March September 20th

Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Laura Braden, Dr. Aris Lavranos, and Dr. Mark Trozzi on the sexualization of children and medical procedures on minors.

Dr David Martin to EU Parliament

Covid crimes against humanity were planned and executed by the WHO and their accomplices. Dr David Martin delivered this fast paced accurate testimony.

Rodney Palmer exposes CBC’s Betrayal of Canadians

Veteran Canadian Journalist Rodney Palmer exposes CBC’s and MSM’s total abandonment of news-gathering, to produce pure propaganda instead.

Criminal Genetic Invasion of Humanity Confirmed

World Council For Health Urgent Panel of Global Experts Confirm Dangerous Criminal Undeclared DNA In Pfizer And Moderna Covid-19 “Vaccines”.

Take Action Now | End The WHO

Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Peter McCullough one minute video; a great WCH Document explaining the whys and hows to end the WHO; and 2 easy strategic actions to take.

Dr Trozzi | Urgent Message to Doctors and Nurses

Dr Trozzi explains how Pfizer committed fraud. Health Canada confirmed hidden SV40 promoter sequence. The injections are even worse than we thought.

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