Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has come out against the Liberals’ proposed amendments to ban almost all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

Poilievre told True North’s Andrew Lawton during an exclusive interview that he would fight to repeal the bill and that the latest amendment wrongly bans hundreds of thousands of firearms that are used for hunting. 

“I oppose both Bill C-21 and the amendments that they most recently brought in. This amendment effectively bans hundreds of thousands, if not millions of firearms that are in Canada today that are used for hunting. These are hunting rifles and hunting shotguns,” responded Poilievre. 

The Liberals in committee last week had proposed an amendment that effectively would expand their ban in C-21 to virtually every semi-automatic rifle and shotgun except for small caliber 22s.

“There’s no evidence that the massive increase in violent crime in our inner cities is the result of people in the country using hunting rifles or shotguns,” Poilievre added. “So obviously, Conservatives oppose that and we’d repeal it.” 

Instead of a blanket firearms ban, Poilievre said his government would create a committee composed of law enforcement officials, First Nations, hunters and sport shooters to determine how firearms are classified. 

“My approach is to put that right in law. So it’s very clear and the government and politicians can’t constantly and suddenly change the rules at great cost, both to the lawful property owner but also to the taxpayer,” said Poilievre citing projections which state that a government buyback scheme could cost taxpayers billions. 

During the interview, Poilievre also reiterated his support for peaceful protesters who took part in the Freedom Convoy. 

“I think Justin Trudeau provoked this entire crisis with an entirely unnecessary and unscientific vaccine mandate on truckers,” said Poilievre. 

On the Alberta Sovereignty Act proposed by Premier Danielle Smith, Poilievre said that such legislation would not be necessary if he were prime minister. 

“When I’m prime minister, bills like this will be unnecessary because I’m going to respect provincial jurisdiction,” said Poilievre.

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