Druthers & Dr Trozzi | Part 5 | Taking action

Here’s the final installment from the Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks series.

Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks Part 4 | The Reconciliation

How do we overcome shame and fear, change course, and build a better world together? Here is the next instalment from Druthers of Dr. Trozzi Talks 2023.

Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks Part 3 | Art & Science of Medicine

Druthers interview Dr Trozzi on how progressive deterioration in medical education prepared the medical industry to be used as a weapon against innocent people.

Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 2 | The Psychology

In five minutes, Dr Trozzi shares thoughts regarding how the majority of medical doctors were corralled into participating in the covid crimes against humanity.

Druthers | Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 1 | The Science”

Dr Trozzi ten minute clear and concise explanation of essential elements of the science, deception, and bioweapon injections of covid.

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