This is about humanity’s survival. Two Canadian freedom fighting MDs deliver as much important information as possible in 30 minutes

Here is the first video with Dr Chris Shoemaker and I together since May 2023.

In this fast paced 30 minute interview we deliver uncensored, up-to-date information regarding: hidden covid-vaccine contents including genetically invasive DNA plasmids; the quasi-autoimmune diseases triggered by these nefarious injections; suppressed treatments for covid and injection injuries; the “summer-of-fun” in contrast with our need to remain vigilant and reinvigorate the fight for our future; the WHO’s current threats including a looming December 1st deadline; remdesivir; and other elements of premeditated mass murder under the banner of “covid-19”.

“Lethal to every rodent that it was ever tested on” – Chris Shoemaker MD

Dr Shoemaker remains one of Canada’s most relevant, courageous, and trust-worthy physicians. He’s held vigils on the streets of Toronto, petitioned governments and medical regulators across the country, and informed millions of people here and globally. No degree of persecution by the CPSO or governments will stop Dr Shoemaker nor I from informing and serving as many innocent people as we can. You can follow Dr Shoemaker on twitter @CShoemakerMD or at his web site. Please help support Dr Shoemaker’s mission (he has been severely financially persecuted for doing the right things).

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