This is completely FREAKY!!! WATCH THE WHOLE THING!!

I need your help debunking, or proving the information in this video. I have avoided this video for as long as I could, but when I found a government link on a government website that confirmed the vision of combining living organisms with tech, (transhumanism), I need to prove this wrong, or prove it right.

I need your help with this. Please only comment with firsthand experience. A video that YOU MADE WITH PEOPLE YOU KNOW.

As far as the government link part of this video, it is a scary read. I am not afraid technology or progress. I am not scared of the government. I am not afraid period. We will win. Technologies don’t kill people. Guns don’t kill people. Its the people with the guns or technologies that kill people

We are treading in very dangerous territory, and I want help investigating the validity of the magnetic part of this video. We don’t need to verify the governent link found here. It is a government link.…/exploring-biodigital-convergence/

I am just putting 2 and 2 together based on a very WIDE PERSPECTIVE and 16 months of data, links, government data, and this might be the summary goal of this “plandemic”. To experiment on unsuspecting humans. Except if this is true, I suspect we are far past the experimental state, and this is indeed real world application of the technology to see if it works they way they want it too and a massive level.

We will win. Don’t be frightened. Humanity wins. Corruption goes down. Politicians hang. There is no other outcome if this is true.


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