What a joke.  Not on the police.  But on a Karen that called the police on me for my facebook posts.  Hopefully this Karen gets to see this video.  Not that it will wake her up anyways.  We must accept that people that are still asleep at this point, you couldn’t hit them in the head with a frying pan to wake them up.  They are cognitively brain damaged by the brain washing propaganda they have been subjected too.   No amount of reasoning, or evidence will. undo the damage that is done to these people.  When we win, they will all act like nothing they did was wrong.

But on a good note, this interaction confirms what I have always believed.  That most of the police think this is all bullshit too.  Yes, you have seen some bad videos of cops in other provinces totally violating Canadian’s rights.  So far, BC, has not seen this, and I believe there will be a day when ALL POLICE STAND WITH THE CITIZENS.  But it takes the citizens standing up, STILL RESPECTING the police.  They are being put in a very difficult situation, and in BC, they have been exceptionally good about everything so far.

Even when a police officer crosses the line, it is important for all of us to be aware, that each person is responsible for their own actions, and you cannot label the whole police department for the actions of one officer.  First we must conceive the solution to this crisis.  That is active efforts of trying to wake up the public, AND unified non compliance with unlawful orders.  Then we must believe that we are going to win with all of our collective consciousness.  Then we will ACHIEVE VICTORY.

IT IS A FORMULA THAT NEVER FAILS.  CONCEIVE, BELIEVE, AND ACHIEVE.  Believe it folks.  Stay strong.  Nothing will deter me from my goals of winning, or my faith in humanity to beat this.  The right people are doing the right things, and all the rest of the people are inconsequential puppets being used by a faulty system.  Stay strong.  Refer more people to this website, and we will have victory.

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