With the groups feature of our website, you can create or join special interests.   One of the best features of this is the ability to create a group representing your city and province.  That way members can join, and you can meet local people to help organize rallies, or plans of action to help your community.  With the group chat feature, if your city had thousands of members in it, you will be able to simultaneously talk with all members in your city in the city chat room.  Powerful features that will make your ability to get organized stronger than ever.  Or you can create a special interest group that has nothing do do with what’s going on.  For example, I like to play pool, so I could create a 9 ball pool players group and anyone with the same interests would be able to join, and we would be able to chat simultaneously with all members of the group at the same time!

After you have created your own group, you can click on the invite friends on your group page, and look for other members within our own member directory that you know live in your area, OR you can invite by email anyone you know that would be interested in joining our community.  Or share your group to your other social media profiles to get members to your group.  The possibilities are endless!

Together, our unity will keep Canada the nation that we all grew to love, and is slowly slipping away from us from renegade politicians.

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