The WCH World Ivermectin Day event, inspired me to make this short video, and share it along with the epic event’s recording.

The July 29th WCH World Ivermectin Day event, inspired me to make a short video contrasting ivermectin with the covid jabs. Today’s post includes that video, as well as the epic event’s audio recording.

I hope this enhances your knowledge of ivermectin; and the criminal campaign to suppress its use while corralling mankind into dangerous injections.

Dr Trozzi Contrasting Ivermectin with Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Audio of the WCH World Ivermectin Day live event 20230729: Top experts from around the world share the science, while happy patients and their families share stories of miraculous recoveries, and others share dark  recollections of hospitals and governments that handed out death sentences while blocking access to safe medicine.

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