I have made posts encouraging people to speak out. I said, I poke the bear everyday, and it is scared shitless. Well, yesterday, I really proved my point. On a regular basis, I let the corrupt politicians know not only how I feel, but how Canadians feel. 2 days ago I let Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau know on any uncertain terms what Canadians felt about them.

Then I woke yesterday to ANOTHER 30 day ban on Fakebook, and my first 7 day ban on Twitter.

I guess, insults are the new censorship.

Idiot’s. Why people accept this is beyond my belief. How do we not accept it. First off, by showing them, that censorship will not work. It will not stop the truth. It will not stop us. How do we do that?

Well, if you are on facebook, and you are my friend, please take any of these images below, save them to your phone, or computer, and upload them to facebook, and tag me. I will accept the tag from any, and all people that do it, flooding my timeline (page) with posts when I am banned.


This is where they just don’t understand. The truth is more powerful than any other thing in the world. It cannot be stopped by banning it. It cannot be cancelled. It will keep on resurfacing, over and over again, until they realize they can’t stop it, they have to mitigate it with a counter story. We have witnessed this over and over again in the past few years. And then their counter story gets ripped to shreds by truth seekers, and the cycle continues.

But with each passing day, week, or month, more and more people are waking up due to the persistency of truth and its tellers.

There is an end to this story! It is called, WE WIN!

Keep sharing the truth. Alternatively to downloading the pictures above, you can simply click on the share buttons on this page and share to every social media network you are on.

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