We need your help spreading awareness about Awake Freedom TV on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

So, I have made these beanies available to purchase….. OR, you can download our logo below, and make your own beanies, jackets, clothes from your favourite supplier.  I also hereby authorize any company that wishes to make their own clothing for resale using our logos.  You keep the profits, and you handle the fulfillment.  Just download the logo below and feel free to make money helping us spread the word.  If you are just a consumer, and want the beanie you can order from the link below.  It comes in black with the red logo as shown.  The logo below will only work on dark colours if you decide to make your own.

Order Beanie Here

Order Beanie Here

For people that would like to create their own clothing line with our brand and help us spread the word of Awake Freedom TV through your clothing line, download the image below for your embroidery or print designs.

Please note that this image will only work on dark colours behind it whether you embroider or print.

Right click and save to computer for making your own clothing line