Intermittent fasting and other ways to maximize autophagy

Intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful tools that we have to cleanse our bodies of  toxic spike proteins. These toxic proteins are produced by human cells throughout the body following the misrepresented covid-19 genetic injections.

Here is my first in a short series of videos providing tools to detoxify, maximize survival, and minimize suffering and disability. Please share.

Legal Disclaimer: This post and video share Dr Trozzi’s personal opinions. They do not constitute medical advise, nor are a substitute for consultation with your personal health care practitioner.

Strategies for the Management of Spike Protein-Related Pathology: a detailed new article written by Matthew Halma, Christof Plothe DO, Dr Paul Marik MD, and Dr Tess Lawrie MD PhD. It  is a detailed exploration of many current strategies for the management of spike protein pathologies.

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Spike Protein Shedding & Toxicity by Dr Mark Trozzi. February 26, 2022. Covid-19 injection victims produce toxic coronoavirus spike proteins internally. They also shed these toxins, which can harm their contacts.Dr Ryan Cole. The World Has Been Spiked. July 29, 2022. Detailed and concise exposition of the spike protein poisoning of mankind by injection.More about Spike Protein More about the so-called Covid-19 “Vaccines” Strategies for the Management of Spike Protein-Related Pathology by Matthew T. J. Halma, Christof Plothe DO, Paul Marik MD and Theresa A. Lawrie MD PhD

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