Arden Melnechuk defends her students from abusive mandates and sexualization to instead protect and nurture them to be their best, happiest, and healthiest.

Our children have been violated and abused over the past three years; with face muzzles, antisocial distancing, social isolation, loss of play-time, friends, sports, nature and the outdoors. Their social, psychological, spiritual and immune development have been severely disrupted . Many have even been victims of misrepresented genetic injections that cause serious physical harm, with no benefit. Add to that sexualization, gender confusion, and deterioration of traditional elements of education. Our children have been damaged!

Since the launch of covid; doctors, nurses, and teachers were all on high on the list of groups that the top tier perpetrators needed to deceive, manipulate and use, in order to advance their destructive globalist agenda. These professionals were coerced with well crafted carrots and sticks.

Arden Anne Melnechuk is a Canadian teacher who saw the danger, refused to be used, declined the carrot and walked away. She made it her mission to provide a safe enlightening educational option for her community, to save their children. She and her team have succeeded; there are  happy, healthy, intelligent, well cultured children thriving under the tutelage of these teachers, who know the real thrill of fulfilling their mission daily.

Here is a great interview that I think we should spread far and wide. It can inspire many of us around the world to protect and nurture our children and our future. Rain Trozzi from the organization Over To The Youth interviewed Aden on their podcast. Her insights and example can help us save our children, and the future. This is the better way!

Rain Trozzi of Over To The Youth, interviews Arden Anne Melnechuk, a Canadian teacher who is leading the way out of the madness and into a better future.


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