Apple and Google ‘Hold Data Hostage’ and Stifle Competition, Senate Told

The Guardian reported:

Apple and Google “hold data hostage” from small apps and force competitors to pay high commissions, stifling their ability to compete, a number of companies said in a US Senate hearing on Wednesday.

The hearing before the Senate antitrust committee offered a rare opportunity for smaller competitors – including Spotify, Tile and Match – to air their grievances against the tech behemoths before lawmakers. Representatives for the companies spoke about their experiences within Google and Apple’s app stores, where they claim to be subjected to high fees and copycat behavior.

The hearing came just a day after Apple introduced AirTags, a device that users can attach to items and track using an iPhone’s “Find My” software. AirTags has largely been seen as a direct copy of Samsung’s SmartTag and Tile Bluetooth trackers, which were founded 10 years ago.

WEBINAR: Cell Phone Brain Tumor Litigation — Legislation, Barriers and Opportunities

The Defender reported:

The Defender reported last week on a new lawsuit filed by the family of a Louisiana pastor alleging cell phone use caused the man’s fatal glioblastoma brain tumor. This is not the first case of its kind — there are more than 70 cell phone brain tumor cases in the U.S. Courts.

As the complaint filed last week demonstrates, there is ample evidence showing cell phones cause brain tumors, and that the telecommunications industry has misled the public to believe that cell phones are safe.

Attorney Hunter Lundy, one of the leading personal injury lawyers in the U.S. and who has been at the forefront of this litigation, and attorney Dafna Tachover, Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) 5G and Wireless Harms Projectdirector, will shed light on the cell phone brain tumor litigation during a webinar Wednesday, April 28 at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT. Register below.

Take Action: Stop the EU Green Pass

The Defender reported:

The European Parliament will vote next week on a digital “Green Pass” that people would be required to present as proof they have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID.

The pass would be required for travel between EU countries. Anyone traveling from outside the EU could also be required to present an equivalent pass.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is asking people in the U.S and EU to call EU Members of Parliament (MEP) and ask them to reject the Green Pass.

Postal Service Monitoring Americans’ Social Media Posts, Internal Document Reveals

The Defender reported:

“The federal government’s sprawling and clandestine surveillance apparatus manifests in a new way,” tweeted progressive activist Jordan Uhl. “These breaches of civil liberties largely go unchecked because, again, it targets right-wingers on Parler, but ultimately threatens everyone in the long run.”

Jana Winter of Yahoo News reported that the USPIS surveillance effort “involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as ‘inflammatory’ postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.”

‘Vaccine Passports Must Be Voluntary, Temporary & COVID-Focused’: Aviation Leaders Tell Lawmakers

The Sociable reported:

“We support a digital health certificate, so it’s uniform, and I can flash-up on my iPhone and show — to someplace or some country that has a requirement — that I have been vaccinated or tested of my own accord,” he said.

“Like Sara said, this needs to be a voluntary program, it needs to be time-limited, but if for someone who travels a lot, like I do, it could be a great convenience and ease my way of travel, and provide countries that are requiring these things an easier way to make sure that the information is verifiable.

Vaccine Passports And Big Tech: Why Your Privacy Is At Serious Risk

Forbes reported:

And there’s the rub: You’d be leaving a rich data trial of where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. These days no one would believe that this data would be protected from hackers or from being sold.

Moreover, power-hungry politicians and public health officials would be quick to use pretexts to expand the app’s use, including to track what foods you buy. After all, obesity is a big health crisis, and, lest you forget, remember that a former New York City mayor wanted to ban big bottles of soda to fight it!

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