You Should Be Worried About How Much Info WhatsApp Shares With Facebook

The Guardian reported:

It’s the messaging app that connects a quarter of the world’s population, but many Americans still haven’t heard of WhatsApp. That’s because most phone plans in the United States provide a standard flat rate for texting that allows people to communicate freely within the country. But throughout much of the world, including many of the world’s poorest countries, people are charged for every single message they send and receive.

That is why, since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has become a vital resource for billions of people – and they are prepared to defend it. When the Lebanese government tried to bring in a “WhatsApp tax”, charging $0.20 daily for calls made on the app, it helped trigger the mass protests that swept the country in 2019.

OSHA Imposes New Guidance for Employer-Required COVID-19 Vaccines

Engineering News Record reported:

New guidance from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is causing contractors to change their COVID-19 vaccine requirements, and many of them criticize the guidance as diametrically opposed to the Biden administration’s stated desire to increase vaccinations.

On April 20, OSHA released the new guidance in the frequently asked questions section of its website for COVID-19 safety compliance.

New Mask Mandate Can Promote COVID-19 Vaccines for Those Vaccine Hesitant

KFox14 reported:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Thursday, Americans who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus no longer have to wear face masks or practice 6-feet of social distancing.

For more than a year, the use of face masks have been enforced throughout the country as a way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. However, as more and more people are vaccinated, the CDC has ended the mandate.

In El Paso 50.3% of the population is fully vaccinated and 67.3% are partially vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to data from El Paso Strong dashboard.

New Hawaii Vaccine Pass Allows Vaccinated Residents to Travel Between Islands

ABC News reported:

Starting this week, fully vaccinated Hawaii residents can skip COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements when flying between the islands.

According to the new rules, which Gov. David Ige announced last month, Hawaii residents who were vaccinated in the state are exempt from testing and quarantine on the 15th day after their final vaccine shot.

Ohio to Lift Most COVID-19 Restrictions June 2

The Hill reported:

Ohio is set to lift most of its coronavirus restrictions in less than a month, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine announced the new guidelines Wednesday, saying that the mask mandate and remaining coronavirus health orders will be lifted on June 2. Social distancing and capacity restrictions will no longer be required, although schools and businesses will have the ability to put their own rules into place.

The only exception will be for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

South Carolina Governor Bans Mask Mandates

NPR News reported:

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued a coronavirus mandate Tuesday preventing schools and local governments from creating mask mandates. His order also bans the use of so-called vaccine passports in the state.

Under the 15-page executive order, parents — not public school officials or school districts — will decide whether students wear masks in class.

“We have known for months that our schools are some of the safest places when it comes to COVID-19,” McMaster said in a statement. “With every adult in our state having the opportunity to receive a vaccine, it goes against all logic to continue to force our children — especially our youngest children — to wear masks against their parents’ wishes.”

A C.D.C. About-Face

The New York Times reported:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is finally catching up to the science.

For months, research about Covid-19 has pointed to two encouraging patterns. First, the underlying virus that causes Covid rarely spreads outdoors. Second — and even more important — fully vaccinated people are at virtually no risk of serious disease and only a minuscule risk of spreading the virus to others.

But the C.D.C., which has long been a cautious agency, has been unwilling to highlight these facts. It has instead focused on tiny risks — risks that are smaller than those from, say, taking a car trip. The C.D.C.’s intricate list of recommended Covid behavior has baffled many Americans and frightened others, making the guidance less helpful than it might have been.

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