First off, if you have been following at all, you should know by now that covid 19 is the seasonal influenza.  7 Universities are suing the CDC after 1500 positive Covid 19 tests were submitted to labs, and all of them came back as Influenza A or B.   There are no excess deaths in the world when expressed as a percentage of population increase.  In other words, as the population grows, so does the deaths.  2020 seen a decline of 1.6% of world deaths expressed as a percentage of the population growth vs deaths.

The hospital stats in Canada straight from the government sites show that they hospitals have never been overwhelmed by this, anymore than any other flu season.

Finally the average death rate of a Death marked with Covid in Canada is 83.  The average life expectancy in Canada is 82.25.  I really cannot believe that anyone still believes in this bullshit scamdemic.

Then another video STRAIGHT from the Whitehouse admitting that they have inaccurately reported covid deaths from the beginning.


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